HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: Live Bootcamp For People Who Want To Make $10k A Month!

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Hey Everyone,

WARNING: Read EVERY WORD on this page and watch the ENTIRE VIDEO before you
even THINK about saying that you want to be part of this.

LIVE & IN PERSON On October 21st & 22nd 2011… Internet Marketing Legends Matt Bacak and Devon Brown Are Going To Take A Select Group Of Internet Marketers By The Hand, And Help Them Set Up Internet Business That Could Generate In Excess Of $10,000 Per Month! Will You Be One Of Them?


Before You Even THINK About Applying For Our
10K/Month Bootcamp” …Please Understand The Following

1. This is a PRIVATE, IN PERSON, CLOSED DOOR WORKSHOP being held with Devon & Matt, where we’ll actually help you set up an ENTIRE internet business that could earn you in excess of $10,000 per month.

2. This PRIVATE BOOTCAMP will take place in Atlanta GA on Friday, October 21st and Saturday, October 22nd (Hotel Disclosed ONLY To Attendees).

3. This event is NOT FREE!! You Must have money to participate. So, if you’re broke or you only have a couple hundred bucks…sorry, but this isn’t for you. If that’s the case, then you can CLICK HERE to discover our #1 system for building a business on a budget.

4. We’re looking for people who are tired of all the crap and have a BURNING DESIRE for massive success!

5. Not everyone will be allowed to participate. We’re only looking for a select group of  people… this is NOT a seminar with 250 people and 10 speakers trying to sell you stuff! It’s only us and our staff building your business with you!

6. Just because you apply (using the form below), that does NOT mean that we will contact you. If we DO think you’re the type of person we’re looking for (based on your application), then someone from our office will be in touch with you so that Devon or Matt can PERSONALLY speak with you.

If you apply, but don’t hear from us within 48-72 hours, then your application has been rejected.  Sorry 🙁

7. Should you get accepted as one of the select few who are able to participate in this 2 day event, then please be aware of the following:

     – You MUST be willing to start your “pre-class” assignments immediately!
     (No time for games here folks, this is about making you some money!)

     – You MUST bring your lap-top with you to the workshop!
     (This is a WORK-SHOP…not a “sit around and listen all day” type of seminar)

     – You MUST be willing to do EXACTLY what we say CONSISTENTLY.
     (No whining after 2 weeks that you’re not a millionaire yet…this isn’t about hype, it’s about
     creating a REAL LONG TERM SUCCESS!)

8. While you’re in this workshop/bootcamp you belong to us for 2 days and we belong to you for 2 days. This means that while we are in class there will be NO distractions! If you’re not willing to commit this uninterrupted time to your business, then you’re not the kind of person we’re looking for.

9. Over $2,000 in bonuses will be given away at this event (revealed at the event).

10. Here’s A SMALL SAMPLE of what we’ll be doing/learning  before & during the workshop:

 – Domain name (keyword rich) chosen/setup 

 – Hosting account set up

 – Get setup for MASSIVE list building

 – Keyword research

 – Auto-responder account set-up/usage

 – “Upper Level” Education on WordPress Usage

 – Content funnel creation

 – Secret outsourcing strategies

 – List monetization

 – Best affiliate marketing strategies

 – SEO (Getting Your Site To #1 On Google)



Although Nothing In This World Is Guaranteed: You Should Know That We’re Going To Do Everything We Can To
Practically FORCE YOU To Start Seeing Success!


**Remember – This Exclusive Event Is NOT Free!**
If You’re Trying To Make Money Online (But Have Very Limited Funds)Then You Can CLICK HERE To Access The #1 Program We Recommend For Building A Business On A Limited Budget


10k Per Month BootcampYES Matt & Devon!!!
Making $10,000/Month Online Is Something I Am Committed To Achieving & I Would Like To Participate In Your Upcoming
Private Bootcamp.


Please Fill Out EVERY FIELD In To Form Below And Our Offices Will Be In Contact With You If We Think You’re A Good Fit For This Program

IMPORTANT! When Filling Out The Application Form Below Do NOT put “http://” in any of the fields or you will get a “404 Error”! When entering any websites you currently have, just start them off with “www.” or just list them as

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