20 Ways to Build Your Email List

20 Ways to Build Your Email List
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building your email list

There are a lot of ways to build your email list, but they mostly revolve around two things. First, you need to get people to your website. Second, you need to give them a reason to subscribe. Free offers is a common way to get people to subscribe.  You can also wow them with great content. Show readers you are likable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. Giving people multiple reasons to subscribe will not only get them on your email list, but it will keep them from opting out.


Here are 20 ways to build your email list.


1. Write Guests Posts – When I revamped my website, I starting offering other home business entrepreneurs the opportunity to be featured on my website. You will start seeing those guest posts this week. I received a lot of article proposals, and I’ve gone through them to pick out the best possible content to share with you. Writing guest posts is a great way to show people your mental prowess and then lead them back to your website.

2. Be Active on Social Media – Create a buzz…get people talking about you. You can do this by simply being active. Give real advice, say the things everyone is thinking but no one is saying. Let people see your personality. When you do this, some people will not like you. I have had people stop following me because they thought I was arrogant (weird, right?), but I have had a lot more people appreciate my sense of humor and transparency.

3. Make Your Archives Easily Accessible. If a new visitor reads an article you wrote, and is feeling inspired, they may want to read more. Making your archives easily accessible provides readers with plenty of content without having to produce new content every hour of the day.

4. Explain Industry Jargon. No one likes to feel stupid, so if you use words that are only commonly used within your industry, provide a brief explanation of the term. For example, instead of simply referring readers to the advantages of a sales funnel, explain what a sales funnel is. Take it a step further by providing a link to another post explaining how to set up a sales funnel.

5. Keep your blog posts relatively short. You want to provide stellar content. However, if your blog posts are too long, readers will get bored and move on. Generally speaking, you should keep your blog posts under 1000 words. However, if you have the occasional blog posts that are clearly going to go over 1000 words, create a lot of white space in the article, so it doesn’t feel so long.

6. Offer a free ebook. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Plus, an ebook will allow you to expand on a topic that you can easily jump beyond 1000 words on. Finally, free ebooks are an easy way to get people to join your email list.

7. Post on weekends. I know, you didn’t become an entrepreneur, so you could spend all your weekends working. However, people who are working all week may spend their weekends looking for a better way. Prepare great posts during the week, but post them on weekends.

8. Interview People. Interviews are a great way to come up with stellar content and get attention. People love reading interviews, and the bigger the name, the more search engine attention you are going to get.

9. Share the Good and the Bad. If you have watched a number of my videos, you know I share the good and the bad. I share my successes and my failures. I share the awesome emails I get, as well as some of my “hate you” emails. Sharing the good and the bad provides followers with transparency, which increases your authority, reputation and trust.

10. Respond to Industry News. If there are things happening in your industry, don’t let those valuable keyword searches be a loss for you. Write a response to industry news, so you can catch the attention of those people simply looking for more information. Here’s an example…a few months back, I had a lot of readers asking me what I thought of Pure Leverage. Instead of responding to those people individually, I posted a blog post using “Pure Leverage” as a keyword. This way, anyone searching for information on Pure Leverage might stumble upon my blog posts.

11. Expose Useless Actions. Readers love tips and tricks within their industry. However, readers also like to be informed about activities or actions that they may be doing that are actually contributing nothing in the long run. This is valuable information.

12. Address Common Problems. I do this a lot. A common problem in my industry is people thinking they are going to get rich building your email listover night without actually doing anything. Then, on day two, when they are not rich, they get mad and blame the system. Exposing and addressing common problems will help people better understand what it really takes to be successfully.

13. Be honest about your mistakes. Although it would be fun to pretend I’m perfect, and I was born a successful internet marketer, that is not the case. I have been very open and honest about the fact when I started; I failed so miserably that I had to file for bankruptcy. Being honest about that has not hurt me in the least. I do not believe there are people out there, who may have started following me and then stopped when they found out I failed early on. If nothing else, admitting failures lets readers know you have had the opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

14. Switch Things Up. You will notice on my website, there are video posts and written posts. There are also how-to articles, list articles, ranting articles and more. Posting the same type of article all the time is boring. Switch things up on a regular basis to keep the content and website looking fresh and valuable.

15. Tell a Story. Now, this is something I never do. Oh wait…I actually do this all the time. Who doesn’t love a good story?!? Just make sure it is relevant, short and has a clear point. Don’t leave your readers wishing they could get their 15 minutes back.

16. Be Bold. Confidence and assertiveness speaks to your experience and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope a little. Like I said earlier, I have lost a few people over the years because they were overwhelmed by my awesomeness, but I’ve survived and prospered.

17. Respond to Comments. At the end of each post, you should ask your readers to leave a comment. Let them know you actually read the comments by responding to them. Even if you just add a “thank you.”

18. Make a List. List articles are one form of post you can write. However, they are also fairly easy to write. They practically organize themselves. They make it easy to write a great title, and people like reading them. Also, don’t feel like every list needs to have a certain number of points. For example, don’t just do “top 10” lists.

19. Create a Personalized Signature. All of my posts end the same way. It is my signature. I also include a photo of myself on every article. This isn’t because I want readers to see how sexy I am. I do this because I want people to grow a connection with me, and that is easier to do if they know what I look like. (AND me being sexy doesn’t hurt.)

20. Teach People! Whether it is through an online course or a webinar. Teaching people encourages loyalty, demonstrates your knowledge and helps others achieve their dreams. You can also use a teaching opportunity to build your email list.


These are just 20 of the unlimited things you can do to build your email list. Don’t try to implement them all at once. Start with a couple at a time and see where they take you.


As Always…


1. PLEASE leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.


2. PLEASE  pass this on to any other home business entrepreneurs you know (Facebook friends, Twitter friends, etc.) if you think it might help them.


To YOUR Success,


Devon Brown


As always….

1. PLEASE leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.


2. PLEASE pass this on to any other home business entrepreneurs you know (facebook friends, twitter friends, etc.) if you think it might help them.


To YOUR success,

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