3 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Any Campaign

3 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Any Campaign
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email marketingEmail marketing is still the backbone of most internet marketing efforts. Your email list is your customer list. Creating a positive relationship with your list is essential to your overall success. For that reason, it is essential to not only work towards growing your list, but also consistently work towards improving your campaigns and increasing the positive response you get from your list.


When you send out an email, a couple things might happen. You hope you get people to follow the links in your email and buy something that will make you money. However, another option is that your emails go unopened, which is disappointing. You might also get a bunch of people opting out of your list or opening and then deleting your emails.


There are ways to increase the likely of people opting-in to your list, opening your emails, and following the links. Obviously, you need a great subject line, compelling sales copy, and good products. Those things are a given for all email campaigns. However, there are extra things you can do to make your email list even more effective.


1. Utilize your social networks. It is relatively common to include social media buttons on your website and in your emails. These are great for growing your social networks. It is also common to use your social networks to increase traffic to your website by promoting blog posts. However, why not use your social networks to promote your email list?


Add an opt-in button to your social network homepages. This will allow people, who find you on Facebook or Twitter to immediately opt-in to your email list if they like you. While you can also add links from your social networks to your website, where people can opt-in, why not lead them right to the source.


facebook marketing2. Encourage Engagement. There is always a lot of discussion and articles on how to increase engagement with your social networks and on your website, but there isn’t always a lot of talk on how to promote engagement with your email list. However, encouraging engagement will make the people on your email list feel more connected to you, and it will increase the likelihood that people will eventually become customers.


There are a couple easy things you can do to increase engage. First, have a strong call to action. Tell your readers exactly what they should do after reading your email. If it’s a sales email, you’ll be telling them to go look at and buy the product you are promoting. However, if it is a content email, you can tell them to go do something that coincides with the content of the email, you can send them to your social network, you can send them to a specific blog post, you can create any number of ways for them to act after reading your email. Finally, encourage readers to contact you with questions, comments, or concerns.


3. Monitor and respond to customer behavior. There are general statistics that can help you decide the best days and times to send emails. However, the best way to set a schedule for your list is to watch how they respond to emails on certain days and at certain times. Start by sending out emails at select during times and different days. Monitor your statistics to see what your open rates are on different days and at different times.


Obviously, whether or not an email is opened or links are clicked on is based on more than simply the day of the week. However, monitoring the responses you get on different days and at different times will help you to discover the best times and days to send emails. When looking at your statistics, focus on open AND click through rates. While open rates are important, click through rates are more important.


Improving your email marketing campaigns and the results of those campaigns is an ongoing thing. You can’t just magically make it perfect. No matter how long you’ve been in the business, you should be constantly looking for ways to make it better.


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