3 Goals That Are Stopping You From Succeeding

3 Goals That Are Stopping You From Succeeding
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goalsI love goals! I believe goals are really powerful and have the ability to direct your actions in a positive way. I’ve shared before that writing down my goals is my #1 secret to making a crapton of money. I’ve also shared with you the definition of goals I recently heard and loved. I think it’s safe to say, I’m a huge proponent of setting goals, writing them done, and actively working towards accomplishing them.


That being said, I think there are goals that people inadvertently make that are actually blocking them from finding success. These are goals that we may not specifically set and write down, but they are ingrained in our thinking. Additionally, they constantly influence our productivity.


Here are 3 specific unstated goals that people work towards that is preventing them from accomplishing their stated goals.


1. I Must finish everything I start. This is the goal people use as an excuse to put off large or time-consuming projects. If you can’t finish the project right then, you put it off until that day when you’ll have enough time to really focus on it. The problem is that day never comes because you are always busy, and you never make the time needed to finish the project. Therefore the project never gets off the ground.


If you have a large or time-consuming project, the best approach is often to break the large project into several smaller tasks. These will be less intimidating, and it will reduce the amount of time you need to successfully complete a task. Once all the tasks are completed, your large project will be completed.
successful people2. Everything must be perfect. This is one I’ve spoken about before. Don’t wait until everything is perfect to launch. Working for perfection is a crutch people use to avoid action. A year or so ago when I re-launched Renegade Success, I launched it while the website was still in development. Ads were missing, featured images weren’t connected to the right articles, my archives were still being organized, etc. I launched it anyway, and I kept working to make it right.


Having my website public while still in process accomplished two things. First, it allowed me to keep growing my business even while renovating. Second, it allowed me to give everyone a real example that things don’t have to be perfect. None of my subscribers left my list because I launched an unfinished website. No one emailed me telling me the site looked unfinished or unprofessional. There were no disruptions in my business caused by my not-perfect website.
3. Having a time-management system where everything is planned in detail. This is basically the goal of having control. You want to feel like you are in complete control of your work and your success. While time management and self-control are important in regards to achieving success, complete control is an impossible goal, and waiting for it will block you from finding success.


It is important to learn how to manage your time. It is important to have a schedule and keep it. When you have meetings planned, it is important to be on time and prepared. However, that being said, you need to be flexible. If a meeting needs to be changed, contact the appropriate people and change it. If someone cancels on you, don’t let it derail your day. Look at your to-do list and keep moving forward. If a new opportunity arises, that is an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, don’t let it pass you by because it doesn’t fit into your schedule.


Anytime you place strict constraints on yourself, you are setting yourself up for failure. While goals are important and deadlines are necessary, inflexibility will be your downfall. You need to be able to adjust and keep moving forward when things don’t go as planned.


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Devon Brown 🙂

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  1. 11:35 am on August 1, 2014

    Devon, that is fantastic advise. The one that struck me the hardest was if a meeting gets cancelled or you have an occurrence arise that could potentially screw up your day, DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN. Be productive with what can be accomplished. NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!

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