3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Call to Action Buttons

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Call to Action Buttons
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Having a call to action button is a no brainer…you have to have a button that will direct visitors to your checkout or signup. The problem is that many marketers and online businesses put little thought into the appearance of the call to action button. The color, size and text of your button have been proven to make a difference in your conversion rates.


Optimizing your call to action button involves making simple changes, but the results of these changes can be significant. As usual, it is the smallest things that make the biggest differences.


Here are 3 ways to improve your call to action buttons and increase your conversion rates.


1. Make your call to action buttons more visually appealing. Let’s say for a moment that you offer a program with three tiers or levels of participation, and each tier has a different start-up fee with the lowest tier being free. While it is always good to offer a free option for people to get their feet wet first, your goal is sales, so you want people to sign up for a tier that cost money. Of your other two tiers, one is your “professional” tier while the other is your “premium” tier, and the prices reflect the difference.


You don’t want to push the premium tier too much because it will scare away those who are interested but really nervous about making the leap. Instead, you promote the middle tier. You’ll make money and your new client will get to see ho awesome your program is.


Now, each tier has it’s own call to action button. You want to make the button for the tier you are highly promoting a different color from the other two; A color that will stand-out, so nothing in the grey/green color scheme. You want that button to be yellow, orange or red. You need a color that will draw the viewers’ attention as soon as they see their options.


The human brain will naturally be drawn to the one that stands out. This is true in a wide variety of situations, and this natural tendency can be used to your advantage.


2. Write the text of your call to action button in the first person. Instead of having it say “Get Your Free Report Now,” it should say “Get My Free Report Now.” This personalizes the product and creates a sense of ownership.


3. Have an actual button. It is not difficult to confuse a lot of people. Therefore, it is important to make your call to action button look like an actual button. You don’t want visitors staring at your webpage trying to figure out where they should go to get your product or offer.


Making it a different color, as suggested earlier will help, and using call to action text will help. You can also make the button graphically look like a button. It is also important not to make the button too big. If it is really large, it will stop looking like a button; viewers might confuse it for a text box or heading.


BONUS: Limit their options. In the previous tip, I created an example with three tiers. Providing limited choices will make it easier for visitors to make a decision. While people think they like having lots of options, too many options makes it more difficult to actually make a decision and act upon that decision.


Giving visitors 10 options may seem appealing, but it will actually lower your conversion rate. Having a web page full of call to action buttons will overwhelm your visitors.


These are just a few simple things you can do to increase your conversion rates. Although it might seem like a small deal, the appearance of your call to action button can influence whether or not people press it.

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