4 Keys to Real Success

4 Keys to Real Success
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blogging for moneyThere are many paths to success and characteristics of successful people. There are also many secrets to achieving success based on the industry or niche you are working in. However, I’m going to discuss what I consider four keys to success. These are four things that every entrepreneur will likely face at some point on their path to success. How you respond to these things will determine whether or not you will achieve and maintain success.


Learning to handle frustration. Frustrations are a part of life. While, hopefully, you don’t experience them all the time, you have to expect them from time to time. The key is learning how to handle frustrations without letting them derail your success. Your frustrations may come from clients, customers, employees, investors, business partners, etc. Frustrations can be personal or professional.


What’s important is to respond to them in a healthy and productive way. This isn’t to say you just shouldn’t get frustrated or even angry. Go ahead and let yourself be angry for a couple minutes or a couple hours (depending on HOW frustrating the situation is) then work on a plan to deal with the issue at hand.


An important part of dealing with frustrations is to identify the true source of the problem and then deal with the problem directly. This is true regardless of whether you dealing with a people problem or a product problem. For example, if you have a product that just isn’t getting the results you were hoping for. You need to determine if the problem is with the product itself or with the promotion of that product.


Dealing with rejection. Like frustrations, rejection can also be expected on your journey to success. Not everyone is going to love your products, and not everyone is going to think you are the genius you believe you are. Rejection feels very personal even if it is coming from someone you don’t even know.


Businessman Thinking on StepsIt is important not to let rejection stop you from moving forward. If you aren’t getting the conversion rates you are looking for, you need to keep trying; keep testing new ways to promote your products. I just posted a video on what to do when you launch a new product or sales letter and your conversation rates completely suck. If that is a problem you’ve experience, take a minute to watch that video HERE.


Here is something I’ve learned to do. I avoid reading what people say about me online. As many of you probably know, the distance created by the internet has led to people unleashing some of the most hateful comments…things most people would never say if talking to someone face-to-face. There are a lot of people that apparently have nothing better to do with their time than write hateful things about other people online. The best way to not be affected by this negativity is by not reading.


The fear of failure. the fear of failure is actually a really common fear, and it stops a lot of people from trying new things, making new friends, and achieving true success. It is also closely related to the fear of rejection. For many people these two things feel like one in the the same. The fear of failure may prevent you from leaving a “secure” job or stop you from investing the needed money to make a real go at your potential business.


The best way to get over a fear of failure (or any fear really) is to emerge yourself in the thing you are afraid of. For example, if you have a fear of water, you should take swim lessons, go the beach or the city pool. If you have a fear of needles, get a friend to hold your hand and start donating blood.


If you have a fear that your business idea will result in failure, do it anyway. Do the research, get all the information you need to move forward, and do it. Keep in mind, you don’t have to quit your “day job” to start a business. You can start it in your free time and grow it as quickly as possible.


Here’s a side note to consider….”job security” is a myth. While there are a small handful of positions that you could eventually earn “tenure” and have job security, those are few and far between.


Facing financial problems. Believe me, I know all abut financial problems. A lot of people I meet and talk to and see through my social networks allow financial problems to stop them from pursuing success. As you’ve probably noticed, the issues addressed in this post are interconnected. Letting financial problems stop you from achieving success is a sign that you are succumbing to the fear of failure.


If you were guaranteed success, you’d have no problem putting money on the line or leaving your current job. However, you don’t have a guarantee, and you are letting the fear of failure prevent you from investing in your future. I know I’ve talked about this before, but it’s so relevant…I know what it is like to be facing financial problems and make the decision to pursue running my own business. I graduated college the top of my class, and I was quickly offered a job in my field. I could have gone on to spend years working my way up the ladder; content with the illusion of job security, but I wanted more.


Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. A lot of people prefer the secure feeling of clocking in at work each day and getting a regularly scheduled paycheck, and that’s okay. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work, a strong backbone, and thick skin. You have to be able to face failure (after failure) and keep moving forward. These four keys to success with help you overcome some of the hurdles you will face.


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