4 Lessons on how to be Persuasive

4 Lessons on how to be Persuasive
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Persuasion is an essential element in all types of sales and marketing. My goal is to persuade you into trusting that my system works. I have to persuade you to the point that you are willing to put your hard-earned money on the line for a chance at something better. Learning how to be persuasive is essential to the overall success of your business.


There are a handful of ways to increase your power of persuasion. Let me start by saying there is a clear and drastic difference between persuasion and manipulation. Manipulation involves be deceitful and dishonest. Persuasion is using words and actions to convince people what you’re saying is true and accurate.


Lesson 1: Speak with confidence. If you are not completely 100% convinced what you are offering is the best option within your niche, you are never going to convince someone else. Someone is not going to buy from you if you are vacillating on the value or benefits of your product or service. Confidence can override drawbacks. For example, let’s say there are similar services to what you offer that are less expensive than what you offer. You need to confidently explain why your service is more valuable and worth the higher price. If you can do this effectively, consumers will choose your product over the cheaper counterpart.


Speaking with confidence will not only promote your products, but it will promote you. Consumers will see you as an authority within your niche, and when you introduce new products, they will be more likely to adapt quickly. When you speak at conferences, people will come just to see you. People who speak with confidence make great speakers because they are charismatic and engaging.


Lesson 2: Be Sincere. Don’t ask someone how their day is and then start your sales pitch before they have a chance to answer. No one likes to feel like they are getting played, and sincerity is the best way to alleviate that fear. You also can’t fake sincerity. To be great in business, you need to really care about your customers. You need to believe your products are really going to help your customers and fulfill the claims you make about them. Faking sincerity or selling products that make false claims may work for a short period of time, but consumers will quickly realize you are not a trustworthy person. Being sincere is persuasive because it allows you to build short and long-term relationships.


Lesson 3: Transfer Positive Energy.The most successful gurus are the ones that leave people feeling like they have the power and

Me Speaking in Arizona a couple months ago

ability to conquer the world. You want to motivate and invigorate people. You want them to actively participate in the conversation, laugh, smile, etc. When I’m on stage, I like to get people up and dancing. Why? Because it’s fun! People have fun with me; it helps them loosen up and feel ready to hit the ground running.


An important part of transferring positive energy is being confident (Lesson 1). You will never see me on stage shuffling around with my eyes down barely squeaking out words into a microphone. If you want to get a crowd moving and motivated, you need to exude confidence and energy.


Lesson 4: Tell a Story. I tell stories all the time; you know that. Stories persuade people. They provide examples, scenarios and facts that help people relate while trying to make a decision. I frequently tell stories about conversations I’ve had with clients. I do that because I know if one client is having a problem, there have to be more out there with the same problem. I also tell stories, so you guys can get to know me better. Why? Because I’m a friendly guy, but also so we can build a relationship. When your potential clients or customers feel they know you, they are more willing to place their trust in you. Then it is up to you to protect that trust by following through.


A good story doesn’t feel long, and it should have a point. No one wants to listen to someone ramble on with no point. I’m well a ware of the fact that I sometimes ramble, but I always have a point. Also, stories should be somewhat entertaining. If you tell a story that has no point AND is boring, people will start avoiding you like the plague. If you aren’t sure about yourself, practice a couple stories on people you trust to get their honest opinion.


So, there you go. These four lessons, hopefully, have provided you insight into how to be persuasive. Now, you might be thinking…”but I don’t feel confident when I speak in front of others” or “I don’t know how to tell a good story.” Have no fear! These things can be learned. You can practice speaking with confidence and you can practice telling a story. Heck, you can even take a storytelling class, where they teach you how to tell an entertaining story. Don’t give up.


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Devon Brown 🙂

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