4 Lessons You Can Learn From Google

4 Lessons You Can Learn From Google
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Google search algorithmThere are so many successful business and entrepreneurs out there, it is not hard to find ones that you can learn from. Reading about successful entrepreneurs and businesses will allow you to learn what things they did right and what things they did wrong, You can learn the “secrets” of their success.


Google is a great example of this. For those of you that don’t know, Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin back in 1998. They were still college students at the time, and they developed Google in their dorm room. Today their company brings in $30 billion a year and Google employs over 32,000 people. They are what we can call a “success story.”


Looking at how they have grown and sustained their success reveals several lessons that all entrepreneurs can take into their business. Here are 4 lessons every entrepreneur can take away from Google.


1. Great is never the end goal. According to Google Company Philosophy, “We see being great at something as a starting point, not an endpoint.” Striving for just great is cutting yourself short before you even get started. Your goal should be to be the best. This is why it is also important not to spread yourself too thin; especially in the beginning. Instead of trying to be great at several things, you need to focus on being the best a one thing. Google is still working to perfect their search engine.

becoming an authority2. Collaborate when possible. We are in a society that strives on competition. However, sometimes that competitive spirit gets in the way of progress. Google was started by two college students, who admittedly didn’t really like each other when the first met. However, it was only when they joined forces that they were able to create Google. They each had their specialty; Page came up with the idea and how to make it a realty, while Brin was the math genius that created the actual algorithm.

3. Keep it Simple. In addition to competition, people often get obsessed with over-complicating everything. Focus on the simplest way to effectively accomplish your tasks. Google Company Philosophy states, “Simplicity is powerful,” and they’re right! Outsource tasks when it makes sense. Utilize existing systems when they are available instead of recreating them.

4. Help yourself by helping others. This is something I’ve talked about before. If you genuinely work to provide your followers with great content and information that is going to help them grow their business, your business will grow as well. You will establish yourself as an authority, and you will gain the loyalty of your followers. The more successful you make others, the more successful you will become. Your reputation will cause people to seek you out, as well as the products you are selling. While giving content away for free may seem counter-productive, it is actually the best way to grow your client list. Google has always set out to help those that use their services. This has enabled them to become the most used search engine in the world.


These four lessons may sound overly simple, but if followed, they can be your key to success. Google has proven these are essential in growing a hugely successful business.


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