4 Secrets to a Successful List Article

4 Secrets to a Successful List Article
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Amazon associatesHA! I’m writing a list article about list articles. Okay, as you probably know, list articles are all the rage right now. They’re fairly easy to write, they are fairly easy to promote, search engines love them, and most importantly readers love them. List articles provide readers with an easy to read answer to a problem they are having.   However, there is a method to the madness; you can’t just do any ole’ thing and expect it to go viral. There are 4 secrets to creating a successful list article. Without all four of these things, your article will struggle. You might not hit the mark you were hoping for, or you might not get the results you were looking for.   Here are the 4 secrets to creating a successful list article.   1. Don’t forget your intro. Even though your headline clearly communicates the fact you have a list article, that doesn’t mean the reader doesn’t need eased into the topic. Never start a list article with the list. You should always include an intro to your article. Use the intro to tell readers about your list, why you wrote the list, why they should care about the list and/or how the list will make their life/business infinitely better. Look at the intro to this article. I praised the creation of list articles, and then I shared what happens to list articles when these four factors are missing. This (hopefully) left you wondering what the four secrets were because now you’re wondering if you’re doing it right.   2. Understand the problem you are solving. A list article should solve a problem. This article is solving the problem of unsuccessful list articles. No matter what the list is, it should solve a problem for the reader, and that problem should be made clear in the title. Your title should tell readers what the list contains and how many items are on the list.   youtube marketing3. Make it easy to read. One of the reasons readers love list articles is because they are easy to read. Readers can scan a list to see if any of the items jump out as particularly interested, or if any of the items are new to the reader. For example, someone might scan this list and skip over reading the first point because they know they always include an intro. If you know you are already doing something on the list, you may chose not to read that section word for word. You can make list articles easy to read by numbering your list, using bold to emphasis the main point of each list item, and adding plenty of white space. Add an extra space or two between items on the list; that will make the list easier to scan.   4. Remember your call to action. A lot of people, I’ve noticed, simply end their list articles with the last item on the list. Don’t leave the readers hanging! If you still have their attention at the end of the article, you need to provide a call-to-action, so the reader knows what to do next. You can send them to your opt-in page, another article, your social networks, whatever you want to happen. After the last item on your list, add a conclusion paragraph, and either include your call-to-action there are add your call-to-action as a final statement after the concluding paragraph.   Okay, there you go. Hopefully, you can use these secrets to improve your list articles and get a better response from your readers. Remember that all four must be implemented to make it work…you can’t just include one or two.   Good Luck! As Always… 1. PLEASE leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. 2. PLEASE share this article with your internet entrepreneur friends!

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