5 Ways to Never Stop Learning

5 Ways to Never Stop Learning
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Typically, wanting to start your own business from home does not mean you have all the knowledge and experience needed to accomplish that goal. However, the lack of knowledge certainly should not stop you from moving forward.


You can learn by trial and error like so many others have or you can create opportunities to further your knowledge. Even the most experienced business men understand how important it is to never stop learning.  There are a variety of ways you can keep learning.


1. Take a class. You can literally take a class at your local college or you can take an online course. Taking an actual college class may be ideal when there is an area within your business that you have little to no prior knowledge of. For example, in the beginning you are likely going to be unable to afford an accountant. You may need to look into a class on Quickbooks to help you keep track of your own paper work. OR maybe math was never your strong suite. Taking an accounting class may give you the base information you need to keep track of your expenses and income. In lieu of a formal class, you can take an online tutorial-style class, or you can find someone who is willing to sit down with you for a couple hours and teach you.


2. Take an online seminar. Every profession has their own set of gurus that offer webinars in their field. Taking a webinar can help you to learn more that specifically pertains to your chosen field. Before signing up for a webinar, research your options. Choose one that has a solid reputation. All “gurus” come with fantastic marketing material promoting themselves. Don’t rely solely on their marketing to decide if they are best for you. If possible, talk to someone who has already taken the webinar to see if they found the information beneficial or if it was just a sales attempt. In many situations, you can find free webinars, which will only cost you time.


3. Read…A LOT. There is nearly endless amounts of free information available online. For example, look around my website. I keep all my articles and video blogs in the archives, which are organized on the left side of the home page. This website has free information on internet marketing, networking, writing, personal development, social media, growing your email list, work-at-home-moms and so much more. It is all there for you for free. Additionally, if you have a question about something you’ve read, you can post a comment or go to my Facebook Fan Page and ask.


4. Get a mentor. Learning by watching and working closely with someone else will provide you with insight to things you may not even have thought to look up. Mentors are people, who have found success in your field, and they are willing and able to teach you ho to be successful in the same field. An important quality to look for in a mentor is a desire to help others succeed. You may be turned off by the idea of paying for mentoring. However, having access to someone else’s knowledge for even an hour can dramatically change your business.


5. Go to a conference. Conference are great because they cram a lot of classes and workshops into a relatively short period of time. The downside of conferences is they generally involve you being away for a few days, which can be hard if you have another job or a family to take care of. However, if you can make the arrangements, the benefits of attending really good conferences can be exponential for your business. In addition to the classes and information, conferences are ideal places for networking with other professionals in your field. I love going to conferences, and I have seen the areas in my business that I have been able to make better based on things I picked up during conferences.


These are just 5 ways you can expand your knowledge and grow your business. The number of online resources available to you is nearly endless. Learning how to build and expand a business requires both information and experience, so once you have an idea of what you’re going to do, you need to take action.


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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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