5 Ways You Can Utilize Fear to Encourage Action

5 Ways You Can Utilize Fear to Encourage Action
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call to action buttonI know the title might sound extreme, but I’m not suggesting you throw fake spiders at your customers or threaten to kidnap their dog. It’s much simpler than that, and it is something I’ve talked about before. In order to encourage people to act quickly you need to appeal to their fears. The first step to doing that is to understanding people’s fears. Here are some common fears people have.


  • fear of missing out on something
  • fear of losing something valuable
  • fear of not being included
  • fear of the unknown


People will act when they believe a simple action will protect them from one of those fears, and there are simple ways to utilize those fears to get the results you want. These are common sales strategies that you have probably already used before or at least seen used. They are relatively simple, and once you read what they are, you will recognize them.


1. Creating Product Scarcity – creating product scarcity means only offering a limited number for sale. Some may think this will limit overall sales because you are not selling as many as you may be able to, but this isn’t the case. What will happen is that people who are possibly interested will buy now instead of putting it off; possibly forever. They will do this because they have a fear of missing out. Even if they don’t have their heart set on the product, they don’t want to change their mind later and then find out the product is sold out.


2. Creating Time Scarcity – time scarcity is another way to motivate people to buy. Offering something for a limited time will appeal to their fear of missing out. This also leaves open the option of offering the same deal later in the future. This is the primary reason flash sales work so well. Online and offline retailers will offer great sales for a very limited time. This forces people to make a decision quickly. This dramatically decreases the buyer’s chances of talking themselves out of buying.


Although they have since expanded, websites like Groupon and Living Social got their initial success by offering daily deals. Putting an expiration date on the offers forced people to make a purchase immediately. They still use both time and product scarcity to encourage orders, but it is somewhat more lenient than 24 hours. Time scarcity can work with nearly any kind of offer or product.


building relationships3. Make It Significant – The offer or discount needs to be significant enough that people are willing to pay for it and the sense of urgency seems appropriate. There needs to be an immediate reason people want to buy the product or offer. The benefits for them need to feel like they are going to immediate. This idea still applies is talking about a discount. If you are offering a 10% discount on a product; that might inspire some to buy, but not too many more than those who would have been willing to buy at full price. However, if you are offering a 50% , people who were completely on the fence or even people that had decided not to buy the product may start rethinking it because that is a significant discount.


4. Make it Personal – The offer needs to be personalized. Don’t just say the offer is for a limited time only. You need to let them know what they are going to miss out on if they don’t take advantage of the offer. This will play up to their fears of missing out or not being included. This is where you tell them about the possible success they will enjoy as a result of buying your product or offer.


A big part of being able to make it personal is really knowing your audience. What exactly do they want? What is important to them? For those in the making money online niche, people want ways to make it easier for them to make money quickly. This could be with a new program, product, ebook, plug-in, email swipes, a training webinar, etc. It doesn’t particular matter what you are offering as long as it will benefit your subscribers in the immediate future.


5. Stick to What You Say – If you say the offer is for a limited time only, you need to take the offer a way when the time is up. You can offer it again in the future, but you need to stick to what you say. If you always say limited time, but then leave the offer available past the stated time, it won’t take time for your subscribers to realize you’re just talking and they can get your offers at any time.


Each of these tactics can be used to increase sales by encourage people to act now.


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