6 Characteristics of a Successful Work at Home Mom

6 Characteristics of a Successful Work at Home Mom
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Work at home moms

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This article is courtesy of Melanie Williamson. Melanie has been a successful work-from-home-mom (WAHM) for 7 years. Having no formal business background or business education prior to venturing out on her own, she learned a great deal along the way, and she loves sharing what she has learned with other work-at-home-moms.


Working from home is certainly not for everyone, and that includes moms. Although it may sound fun to start your own business and be able to work while still enjoying the pleasures of being a stay-at-home mom, it is far more difficult than it sounds. There are certain characteristics that make the difference between a successful work-at-home mom and an unsuccessful one.


1. Flexible. Flexibility is essential to the success of your business and home life because unexpected things happen, and they tend to happen on a regular basis. On paper, you may have 2 hours a day to work uninterrupted because your oldest is in preschool and your baby naps at the same time. However, in realty, the baby doesn’t always nap when you want her to, and your preschooler may have to stay home from school sick. On top of your kids schedules, there is literally an endless list of things that may throw your schedule off quilter. Leaving home to work means you have childcare in place to handle the kids and the unexpected usually isn’t discovered until you get home. Regardless of what happens to your schedule, you need to be able to readjust with a moments notice.


2. Focused. When your available work time is often separated into time chunks throughout the day, you need to be extremely focused to get as much done as you can during your chunks of work time. You need to be able to tune out the allure of facebook, playing games, reading articles, etc. Focusing on work when you are able to work will help you maintain a somewhat schedule, and it will enable you top stay on task. Continually working from behind is stressful and typically unproductive in the long-run.


3. Excited. Working from home while raising kids is not always the most ideal situation. You may start daydreaming of being able to go into an office to work just to leave the stress behind. You need to be excited about what you are doing in order to keep your energy up and stay focused. Devon Brown created a great video on finding your “why.”


Click the link to watch that video ==> The Importance of Finding a Strong Enough Why


This is especially important for work from home moms because without a really strong why, you’ll get burned out…fast. Not everyone can stay excited proofreading while folding laundry.


4. Ability to Multitask. There are a few great books written on the counter productiveness of multitasking. I’ve read them and they

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provide very compelling arguments about how it is faster to just focus on one task at a time. This, however, does not generally apply to work at home moms, who still have little ones at home. If your kids are all in school, you have significantly more freedom to work.


About 5 years ago, I was working from home as a freelance writing with a 2-year-old and 6-month-old twins. I kept my laptop set up on the island in our kitchen, and I would stand all day working. This allowed me to work while holding a baby, preparing food, chasing my two-year-old, coloring and so much more. In addition to making my work accessible to me for any second I was able to look at it, standing all day also helped me stay awake. Although this wasn’t the most ideal situation, it was the best option at the time.


5. Creative. You need to be creative in two ways. First, you need to be creative in keeping your kids happy and occupied while still getting your work done. I had crafts, projects and games always at hand to busy my kids when I had a deadline to meet. Second, you often need to be creative in how you get things done and arrange your schedule. Sometimes, that may mean staying up and working while your kids are sleeping. That may mean offering a play date exchange with another mom, so you can get a couple hours with no distractions. Being creative will help you figure out how to keep up with housecleaning, shopping and meals while working and taking care of your wee ones.


6. Determined. Okay…this is sort of a combination of focused and excited, but I really can’t stress it enough. If you haven’t figured it out already, being a work at home mom is not easy. This isn’t to say it isn’t worth it; it just isn’t going to be easy. You need to be very determined in order to make it success. You have to have the focus to stay on task, the excitement to want to keep going, and the discipline to make yourself work even when you don’t want to.


One of the unappreciated benefits of a traditional job is that you are held accountable for everything from showing up to getting your work done completely and on time. When you work from home, no one is there to tell you to get up and get to work. If you decide to watch reruns of Grey’s Anatomy, there is no one standing over your shoulder reminding you of that deadline. While this may feel freeing; it is what leads many to failure. You have to hold yourself accountable, or your business will failure.


These don’t have to be characteristics you are born with, and you don’t have to display them 100% of the them. Everyone has a lazy day once in a while, and lots of people procrastinate on tasks they are not extremely fond of doing. The key is to embrace these characteristics as consistently as possible. Being a work-at-home-mom can be as challenging as it is rewarding. If you are prepared for the challenges you know about, you’ll be better able to confront the challenges you weren’t expecting.


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