6 Principles That Boost Profits

6 Principles That Boost Profits
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become an authorityI’ve published posts in the past with specific business tactics that can be employed to boost profits. However, there are also some business principles that when practiced on a regular basis can help you consistently boost profits over the life of your career. These are ways of doing business that will make you more efficient, more reliable, and give you the type of reputation you need to achieve long-term success.


1. Do It Now. Procrastination is an enemy. Procrastinating will lead to nothing but frustration and lost opportunities. When something needs to be done, do it now. Stop putting off tasks you aren’t looking forward to or tasks that have you facing a fear of failure. The only way to know if something is going to work is to actually do it.


2. 90-day full-commitment trial. There are thousands of people who will claim internet marketing is a scam or doesn’t work because they tried it and didn’t make anything. Or they bought the system and did everything they were suppose to and all that happened was they lost their investment. Whenever I hear this, three questions immediately come to mind:


  • Did they really following the all the instructions and do everything they were suppose to do?
  • How much effort did they put into it?
  • How long did they try before giving up?


In order to give an opportunity a real chance, you need to give it your all for 90 days. That means following directions and giving 100% for at least three months. If, after fully committing for three months, there is no profit in sight, than you should consider a new opportunity.


3. Go Above and Beyond. Customer service is an important part of any business. You need to make your customers, clients, or students feel that you are there for them 100%. Even if you are talking to 20 customers a day, it is important to make each one feel like their question, concern, or purchase is your highest priority. This will enable you to grow customer loyalty, which is essential for promoting repeat business.


becoming an authority4. Do What you say you’re going to do. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. This is important regardless of who you are talking to; customers, clients, students, freelancers, employees, etc. Become known for being a person of your word. It will increase your overall trustworthiness and authority. Your reputation will proceed you and you’ll get more word-of-mouth promotion.


5. Be open to new opportunities. Don’t be so focused on what you think the right path is that you are closed to new opportunities and ideas. This can be a hard one because there is a fine line between being open to new ideas and falling for shiny object syndrome. You don’t want to bounce from one great idea to the next. You do, however, what to avoid tunnel vision. There is a balance you need to find.


6. Eliminate the non-essential. It’s all about priorities. If your business is truly a priority in your life than you need to give it the time it deserves. This may include cutting other things out of your schedule and life in order to make more time to devout to your business. This isn’t to say your business should be your top priority…things like family, friends and health probably come before work. However, if you put too many things before work, you will never succeed at work.


Now, don’t let the word “principles” trick you into thinking these need to be traits you’re born with. That’s not the case! These are habits you can pick up and make a part of who you are and how you run your business. These six principles will help you boost profits, but let’s be honest, these principles, if practiced consistently, can improve all different areas of life.


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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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