6 Tips for Selling on Craigslist

6 Tips for Selling on Craigslist
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Selling on Craigslist is simple and effective. The multitude of categories allows you to list your items where potential buyers are most likely to see the ad. The division of Craigslist pages by city allows you to post specifically in the area you are targeting.


The process for posting ads is very simple and requires no technical knowledge. You can quickly and easily add photos to your ad, and last but certainly not least, it is free. Ebay charges fees, Etsy charges fees, and newspapers charge a fee. Although garage sales can be free if you live in an area where the traffic is enough to justify not advertising, you are investing a great deal of time and energy.


Craigslist allows you to sell one item at a time or a large number of items all at once. Craigslist also provides customized emails for each ad, so you do not have to provide personal contact information in the ad.


Here are 6 tips to selling on Craigslist


1. Your ads should be detailed but concise. Within your ad, you should provide as much detail as you can on the item you are selling. This may include the size, color, and condition of the item. You may include when it was bought new, how much it was used, or how much it was new. Depending on the item, this information is often helpful. You want to provide all the information you would want if you were the one looking to make a purchase. You do not need to provide information regarding why you bought it or why you’re getting rid of it. You don’t need to explain it was a gift from your Aunt Rita, but you don’t really get along with her ever since your cousin graduated, so you decided to sell…  Get the point?


2. Include photos. Including a photo of the item is not required. However, ads with photos get more attention, and they are more effective. Since most Craigslist sales are done face-to-face, potential buyers don’t want to waste their time coming to you only to find out the item looks nothing like what they expected. Additionally, photos act as a testimony to the description you provided.


3. Post a reasonable price. Potential buyers go to craigslist because they are looking for a deal. If you price your items too high, they are not likely to sell. Buyers want to feel they are getting a good deal on the item. Also, if the price you post is negotiable, say so in the ad. Likewise, if the price is firm, say so in the ad. Being clear about the price and whether or not you’re willing to negotiate will save you time in the long run.


4. Don’t get talked into a trade if you agreed on a sale. You may experience a situation where someone says they want to buy your item, you two meet, but when they show up, they are trying to talk you into trading the item for some item they are trying to get rid of. While there is nothing wrong with trading, this type of behavior is deceptive, and it doesn’t give you the appropriate amount of time to really consider the offer. You are more likely to be scammed in this type of situation.


5. Be honest and polite. Although this may sound like commonsense, it needs to be said. You don’t want to be deceived when buying something, so don’t try to deceive others by failing to mention a flaw in the item you are selling. When people contact you with questions, answer their questions even if they seem like ridiculous questions.


6. Take down your ad once the item sells. First, this is common courtesy. Second, you won’t have to deal with people contacting you after the fact.


Depending on what you are trying to sell, there is a great opportunity to make money selling items through Craigslist. Utilize these tips to maximize your Craigslist experience.


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