6 Ways to Improve Your Search Ranking

6 Ways to Improve Your Search Ranking
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Landing on the first page of search rankings is the seemingly unattainable quest of so many bloggers, internet marketers, and online business owners. For some, they grew accustom to being ranked in the top 10, and then some cosmic action caused them to drop off the surface of the search ranking world. This left you wondering what the hell happened?!?


I’ve been there, and I know a lot of other people who have been there too. Here are six ways to help you improve your search ranking. These tips and tricks will help you regardless of whether you’ve never actually been ranked in the top 10 before, or if you use to be the shiny star and now you’re no where to be found.


1. Stop trying to figure out what went wrong. There are dozens of reasons you may not be ranked on the first page. There are also dozens of reasons you may have dropped off the first page. The problem I’ve seen is people spending hours, days, or even weeks researching the algorithms and studying the site statistics trying to figure out what went wrong. While it is good to identify obvious problems, wasting valuable time trying to discover the exact reason you aren’t already in the top ten is a colossal waste of time. This would be like after getting the flu, spending your time researching where you picked up the flu germs instead of taking some flu medicine.


2. Improve your load times. I am actually currently working on this one. I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but my blog has been slow to load lately. This is a big problem, and I’m working on fixing it. Anyway, over the holidays, I read about a research study on e-commerce that stated the average time people are willing to wait for a webpage to load is 3.7 seconds. Can you believe that?!? How impatient… Anyway, this information provides us with a very important lesson. Your website needs to load in less than 3.7 seconds. After that, visitors will go back to their search page, and go to a different website. This creates a bad trend, and it WILL negatively effect your search ranking. So, do what you need to do to speed up your website.


Click on the image to check out a great article by Google on mobile-friendly websites.

3. Focus on mobile usability. I don’t think it is a secret that the number of people going online from their smart phones or tablets is increasing by the minute. The US is already dominated by mobile phones, and many other countries are quickly reaching that level of domination. Your website needs to offer a quality mobile experience for users. If your website does not have a responsive design, put that at the top of your to-do list. If users can not reach your blog posts, sales pages, or opt-in box via their mobile device, you are missing out in a big way. Search engines are also significantly more receptive to websites with responsive designs.


4. Increase multi-media content. So far, we have learned that web surfers are working from their mobile devices, and they have no patients. Here is another important lesson. A lot of people don’t really like to read anymore. Obviously, you don’t want to eliminate all written content; that would be ridiculous and somewhat impossible. However, if you aren’t sprinkling in images and videos, you need to start. All of your blog post should include images that are tagged with your keywords. Also, your images should be linked to another page you want them to go to. This could be your homepage or your opt-in page….you choose, but if a user clicks on an image, it should take them somewhere important. Also, don’t be afraid of posting video blogs. I prefer video blogs because I hate writing, and then you get to enjoy my smiling face. However, a lot of visitors also prefer video blogs because they are easier to digest on the go. For example, they can start a video in their car and listen to it while driving. Remember the old saying; variety is the spice of life? Embrace it…mix up the content on your website.


5. Offer a great visitor experience. Visitors like to be pampered, so don’t make it hard for them to find your opt-in box or pertinent information. Make the website easy to navigate. Make sure your blog is well organized and includes your archives in case a visitor falls in love with you and wants to read everything you have ever written in one sitting. Make sure your website has a fresh design, nice graphics, etc. You don’t want people to go to your website and start having flashbacks. You also don’t want them to wonder if your 9-year-old nephew designed the site for you. Although, a lot of 9-year-olds these days could probably put together a rocking website. I digress…keep it modern, professional, and easy to navigate.


6. Provide great content. Although this is my last point, it is an essential one. It doesn’t matter if you have one of the most mind-blowingly awesome websites on the internet in terms of design and functionality. If the content you are providing your visitors sucks, they aren’t going to come back and they aren’t going to opt-in to your email list. You also won’t achieve a high ranking because Google algorithms have been trained to detect crappy content. You have to provide visitors with valuable or you are essentially useless. Google algorithms recognize people, who have established themselves as an authority; publishing crap content or just republishing other people’s content is not going to achieve that. While you might fool a small handful of people for a short amount of time, nothing good or long-term will come from your strategy. Also, if you do not know enough about a topic to be providing great content, you should probably move to a niche you actually know about instead of trying to fake it.

Okay, this article was a little long, but hopefully you made it through and you are leaving with some ideas to improve your search ranking.


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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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