7 Essential Blog Post Publishing Steps for Search Engine Optimization

7 Essential Blog Post Publishing Steps for Search Engine Optimization
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searc h engine optimizationThere are nearly endless articles online that basically tell people blogging is the easiest thing in the world, and if you set up a blog, you’ll make a ton of money. There is no skill necessary in blogging, right? All you need to do is whip out some content on some subject, publish it and you’ll soon be rolling in money.


Although blogging is not overly difficult, there are steps you need to take to make sure you are optimizing your blog and getting it ranked within search engines. Search engine optimization is likely one of the most frustrating topics for home business entrepreneurs to deal with. However, there are some steps that all bloggers can take to increase their optimization.


Here are the 7 most essential steps to search engine optimization  when publishing blog posts.


1. Research Keywords – Randomly choosing keywords is a highly ineffective practice. Researching keywords is relatively quick and simple. There are a wide variety of websites and applications that can be used. There are also keyword research services you can pay for. I recommend you go to Googles Keyword Tool and search the words and phrases you think are good keywords. You will be provided with a list of related terms and phrases along with how many times they have been search. This will allow you to accurately choose highly searched phrases. You can take your keyword research a step further by then going to Google and typing in the keyword phrase you are planning to use. You can search the top 10 results to see what your competition is. You can also go to these websites after you publish your article and attempt to post comments or links back to your website.


2. Create an SEO Headline – Your headline should include your keyword phrase. However, the heading should be more then just the keyword phrase. For example, if your keyword phrase is “Search Engine Optimization” you do not want to simply use that as a title for a blog post. Instead, you can write a heading like, “7 Essential Blog Post Publishing Steps Search Engine Optimization.” This heading gets your keyword phrase in while letting the reader know the article is specifically about publishing blog posts and 7 essential steps are going to be provided.


3. Include an Image – Images make your post more interesting, visually appealing, and it will increase the likelihood of your post getting a higher ranking among search engines. However, simply adding an image is not enough. When you are uploading the image, you will have the option to include alternative text and title tag. You should include your keyword phrase for each of these.


search engine optimization4. Interlink – interlinking is a valuable step to promoting the article you are currently publishing, as well as previously published articles. Add at least 2 links to other articles on your website within your article. It is important to find ways to include internal links naturally. Imagine interlinking as building a chain links; you will be leading readers to other articles without ever leaving your website.  Interlinking will keep readers on your website longer, which will also boost your ranking. Finally, you want visitors to find reasons to follow your blog. Providing quality content is important, but getting exposure is essential.


5. Add External Links – Adding external links should also be done naturally. Try to link to articles on websites that have a great deal of authority, such as respected news websites. Linking to these websites will help to boost the credibility of your website, which will positively influence your ranking.


6. Create a Meta Description – The Meta Description is what viewers will see when the find your article through a search engine. The meta description needs to be short and concise. Google will only display 155 characters or less. The description should be a sentence that includes your keyword phrase.


7. Call to Action – the call to action comes at the end of the article. This is where you literally tell your readers what to do next. You may tell them to post a comment, share the article through social media, or click on an affiliate link to check out whatever product you are selling. In case you haven’t notice, I end each post by asking people to post AND share with their friends.


These 7 steps are essential to optimizing your blog posts. Without actively practicing search engine optimization, you may be writing the best content on the internet, but very few people are going to see it. Search engines are not perfect, but they are how people find articles on topics they are interested in reading about. You need to make sure your blog posts are ranked fairly high when your keyword phrases are searched.


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