7 Things Successful People Don’t Do

7 Things Successful People Don't Do
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successful peopleYou’ve probably read articles in the past about common traits of successful people or the things all successful people understand. This article is along the same lines, but I went with a different angle. I’m focusing on things successful people do not do and why.


So if these are things you do, you should seriously consider stopping if you want to be success. Now, if you don’t really want to be success; you just really love visiting my website then by all means, carry on.


1. Get Distracted by Bright Shiny Objects. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ve probably already heard my speech about bright shiny objects. If not, take a minute to watch my video, The TRUTH About Bright Shiny Objects. Successful people have found away to ignore the bright shiny objects and focus on their current endeavors. Instead of always looking for a way to get rich faster or easier, they’re busy putting in the time necessary to grow real, long-term success.
2. Try to be Perfect. A year or so ago when I first relaunched my website, I posted a video highlighting how NOT perfect my new website was. I had ads missing, broken links, images that didn’t match the post they were attached to, and more. It was no where near ready for sending a perfect first impression to new visitors. Yet I made it public anyway. Why? Because having a work in process was better than having nothing. It only took a few extra days to get everything the way I wanted it, but during that time, I wasn’t going to hide my website and risk losing people. I’m not perfect, so why would I pretend to be? Too many people are worried that if they don’t come off as being “perfect” than people won’t believe or respect them as experts or “gurus.” This is nonsense. Readers are more likely to like and trust you if they know you aren’t perfect.
3. Wait for Luck. I hear this one all the time. People blame bad luck for their lack of success and they attribute luck to other people’s success. I can assure you this is a bunch of crap. People who find success or fame by “luck” are also the ones that cannot sustain their success long term. Real success comes from creating your own luck through hard work and commitment. I’ve made no secret of the fact I faced bankruptcies in my early years. That sucked, but I didn’t blame bad luck and I didn’t sit around hoping for good luck to strike me in the head. I got to work.
4. Try to Attain Other People’s Success. Fixating on other people’s success will hinder you from attaining your own success. Successful people are excited by each little success, and they let that excitement drive them to their next level of success. They don’t decide they are going to wait to be happy until they reach their version of ultimate success.
getting capital to start your business5. Feel the Need to Get Approval from Others. Successful people certainly let go of focusing on making other people happy. They recognize the fact that it is an impossible goal, and it will hinder them from achieving success. I get hate mail from people who were unable to achieve success using one of my products, or they never even tried one of my products but decided to send me hate mail anyway. I know I’ve shared some of these letters in past videos. If I stopped what I was doing and tried to reach out to these people to make amends, I would be wasting time I could be making money and I’d likely only be met with more frustration and hatefulness. These people are choosing to blame me for their failures instead of looking at the true source, which brings me to my next point…
6. Make Excuses. Successful people do not rely on excuses. They don’t make up reasons to justify a failure or lack of success. They do what needs to be done to achieve their goals. I realize there are legitimate reasons that may get in your way, but they become excuses when you allow them to stop you. Legitimate reasons can be overcome, dealt with, mitigated. You can find away to achieve despite the reasons. Excuses, however, become roadblocks between you and success. Successful people are able to focus in on the problem and find a solution.
7. Wait to Act. One of the biggest things standing between most people and success is action. This goes hand-in-hand with excuses. People who never act will never be successful. Often the fear of failure is what stops people from acting.


Most of these you’ve probably heard before, but if you aren’t experiencing success, you need to take a deeper look. Look at your own actions and attitudes to see what is standing between you and success. Everyone has the capacity for success, you just need to make the right decisions to achieve success, and examining the beliefs and behaviors of successful people is a great place to start.


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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂


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