7 Tips for Making Money with Amazon’s Affiliate Program

7 Tips for Making Money with Amazon's Affiliate Program
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Amazon AssociatesAmazon operates one of the oldest online affiliate programs available. They launched their affiliate program in 1996 when many of us were still excited we had an actual email account.


Amazon calls their program the Amazon Associate Program and their affiliates are referred to as associates. Aside from the name, they offer your typical affiliate program. You promote Amazon products using your affiliate link, and when people make purchases with your link, you get a commission.


Additionally, similarly to any other program, the key to making a lot of money over a short period of time is being able to sell big ticket items. However, in order to attract a wide range of people, it is important to promote products with a wide range of prices.


Here are 7 tips to help you consistently make money through the Amazon Associates Program.


1. You need traffic. I know, right? It’s always about the traffic. No matter how great an affiliate program may or may not be, without traffic to your website, you have nothing. Amazon has a well established program in place that you can use to generate a solid side income. As far as programs go, it is reliable, but none of that will matter without customers.


2. Reoccurring visitors are going to be your primary source of revenue. Although it is not impossible that someone would visit your website and buy the first time, it is unlikely. In most cases, your sales are going to be from visitors, who have been on your website multiple times. They may have seen the product, done some research on their own, and then returned later to buy it.


3. Relevance between the blog content and the products matter. Although you can get creative, there needs to be some level of relevance between your blog and the items you are trying to sell. For example, if you are writing a blog on health and beauty, you may try to sell a wide variety of products related to weight loss, nutrition, make-up, fashion, health trends and more. Although the categories under “health and beauty” are vast, they all have relevance. You would not, however, try to sell a book series on real estate investing through your blog. Although the return on this item may be great, there would be no possible connection with your current audience. Additionally, if you start trying to sell random products with no relevance to your niche, you may lose credibility and readers.


Amazon associates4. Create “Best Seller” list articles. This is a great way to get traffic and promote multiple products simultaneously. Choose a topic within your niche and create a best seller list. For example, if your niche is parenting, you may write an article titled “Top 5 Best Selling Car Seats for Safety and Durability.” Each item on the list would include an affiliate link to where the item can be purchased through Amazon. This way, regardless of which car seat your reader may chose to buy, you get the commission on it.


5. Embedded links work best. Embedded links are the links you include within your article, opposed to throwing a linked add in the sidebars. These are the links readers are most likely to click on while reading an article. They provide less obvious selling. Also, always have your links open into a new window, opposed to the current window. This will keep your visitor linked to your website, while they visit your affiliate.


6. Include multiple links. You should have at least two links embedded in each article. You can include more than two depending on the length of the article. For example, two links for a 400 word article is appropriate. However, eight links within a 400 word article would be excessive and annoying.


7. Link images to Amazon. You should also have a couple images within every article; more if appropriate. Images make articles more visually appealing, and they can be linked to your affiliate sites, as well. Images have actually shown to be effective in linking people to products. Every image you include in your articles should be linked to one of your Amazon affiliate products.


These 7 tips will help you to maximize your potential profits through Amazon’s affiliate program. Although nothing in life or business is guaranteed, these are proven techniques to increase conversion rates.


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Devon Brown

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