Wanted: 3 ULTRA-SERIOUS People Who Want To Make 8k Per Month Online

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Hey Everyone,

WARNING: Read EVERY WORD on this page and watch the ENTIRE VIDEO before you
even THINK about saying that you want to be part of this.

I’m Looking For 3 ULTRA-SERIOUS People Who Want To Make At LEAST $8K/Month Online And Who Would Like To Get There By Taking Part In The MOST COMPLETE One-On-One Coaching & “Done For You” Program Available ANYWHERE


Before You Even THINK About Applying For This Program…Please Understand The

1. The ENTIRE PROGRAM is ONE-ON-ONE! You’ll be working directly with my secret business partner.

2. It Will Take Approximately 30 Days to complete all 5 phases of this program and you WILL have lots of homework to do and new things to learn in every phase

3. This program is NOT FREE!! You Must have money to make this happen. So if you’re broke or you only have a couple hundred bucks…sorry, but this isn’t for you

4. We’re looking for people who are ACTUAL EXPERTS or who have a REAL PASSION for their niche market!

5. Not everyone will be allowed to participate. We’re only looking for 3 people and those 3 people will be our only students for an ENTIRE MONTH.

Although Nothing In This World Is Guaranteed: You Should Know That We’re Going To Do Everything We Can To Practically FORCE YOU To Start Seeing Success!



Here Are The Phases Of The Program
(What You’ll Be Learning And What We’ll Be Doing With/For You)

*IMPORTANT*: The information below is only a PARTIAL LIST (Brief Overview) of EVERYTHING We’ll be Completing With You During This Program. The Entire Coaching Course Is So Detailed That We Refuse To Let ANYONE Who Is Not A Member See All Of The Areas That Are Covered And Everything We Teach/Do For You.

PHASE 1 (VALUE $497)

During phase one we will lay the groundwork for your success. Assuming you are chosen to be one of the lucky few who gets to participate in this program (and assuming your niche/area of expertise is one we’ve deemed profitable) phase one will be completed within 48-72 hours of when you decide that you’re REALLY serious/ready to start earning a minimum of $8,000 per month.

Phase one includes things like:
– Domain name (keyword rich) chosen/setup
– Hosting account set up
– Gmail/YouTube accounts functional
– Keyword Research completed
– Auto-responder account set-up
– “Upper Level” Education on WordPress Blogs
– Etc…

Remember: We’ll take care of all of the hard “techie” stuff FOR YOU! So you won’t have to worry about not knowing how to set up your Domain name on your hosting account or any other “techie” stuff that most people don’t want to do

PHASE 2 – Turning You Into An “Expert” (Value $1,997)

Phase 2 of the program is where you you really have to start pitching in and letting your expertise shine! This is where we take your passion and show you how to create quality content that will have your visitors falling in love with you and the search engines begging to send you traffic! We’re even going to share our secret formula for becoming a REAL EXPERT in under 60 minutes!

During this phase you’ll get to choose your website layout (we’ll build it for you) and we’ll discuss things like logos, graphics. We’ll also need to make sure that you’ve got a Facebook Business Page and a Twitter Account…don’t worry, we’ll walk you through this every step of the way to make sure it’s being done RIGHT!

Please note that the previous 2 paragraphs barely scratch the surface with regard to the effort that will need to be put forth in Phase 2. Frankly, if we listed all of the “homework” you’re going to have during this part of the coaching program…it would probably scare you away!

But hey….

I guess that’s why we’re only looking for the BESET OF THE BEST STUDENTS who want to start seeing success sooner rather than later!


 PHASE 3 (VALUE $5,997)

Once phase 2 has been completed and you’ve gotten us ALL of you’re homework we’ll start building your new website/blog (based on the design you chose), start adding your content, and make sure your site:

1. Is optimized for Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the Social Medial Sites

2. Has the ability to automatically add laser targeted content

3. Has the ability to BUILD YOUR LIST

4. Has the proper tools to handle Anti-Spam Comments, Statistics, and Contact Forms

5. Search Engine Optimized based on the highest demand and least competition of keywords

6. Has a massive content funnel set up to instantly find topics to stay at the forefront of your niche

7. Web automation with social media and make updating social media content made easy and accessible from anywhere (ipad, blackberry, iPods, laptop, netbook, computer.. etc

8. Is set up for MASSIVE MONEY MAKING!

This is the phase where things really start to come together and you REALLY start to see the fruits of your labor. Once you’ve reached this point, the majority of the “hard techie” stuff is complete and it’s time for you to REALLY focus on making money!


 PHASE 4 – Advanced Training (VALUE $997)


Are you ready to get your MASTERS DEGREE in internet marketing. This is where we get down and dirty, TAKE OVER YOUR COMPUTER, and actually training you on the tools you’ll be using each and every day to.

Using Your Auto-Responder (check)

Creating Your Content Funnel (check)

Navigating Through Your WordPress Admin Area (check)

Understanding The Interfaces of All Of Your Web Tools (check)

Access To Our Private Training Area With Links To Private Training Videos (check)

Secret Outsourcing Strategies That Will Have People BEGGING To Provide You With Quality Work For Pennies On The Dollar! (check)


Once you understand how to DRIVE the “CASH VEHICLE” we’ve built for you…it’s
on to the 5th and Final Phase of the program


PHASE 5 – Elite Traffic/SEO Training & Monetization! (Value $997)

So, are you ready to learn what it actually takes to get ranked high in the search engines? Do you really want to know the truth about outsourcing? Do us to hand you access to all of our best/private resources and contacts on a silver platter? Well if so, then you’re going to LOVE phase 5 of this platinum coaching program.

Well show you our best Twitter Strategies, Facebook Marketing, Ninja SEO Techniques Back linking Tactics and SOO MUCH MORE!

And once you start getting the traffic we’re going to show you all of the BEST ways to turn that traffic into COLD HARD CASH! We’ll talk about everything from affiliate income, to CPA’s, to even creating your own products!

I promise you…

We well leave no stone unturned. All of the information that took us YEARS to learn we’re going to give you to you (and help you set up) in a matter of a few short days!

So…are you ready

Area you ready to be a private (elite) client and start towards our goal for you of $8K/Month?

If so, just fill out EVERY field in the the form below and KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED that someone from my office contacts you!

Accepting Applications
Aug 19th-Aug 21st

[contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”]


Note: It’s Taken My Partner & I At Least 8 Years And $40,000 In Education & Mistakes to Learn What You’ll Complete In Approximately 30 Days…This is the REAL DEAL! For serious players ONLY!

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