A Provable Mathematical Ratio For Success

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Hey Everyone!

I just got back from an amazing weekend at The Ultimate Traffic Tactics Seminar this past weekend.

The event was AWESOME and as always…I learned/realized something EXTREMELY valuable that I just HAD to share with you.

Please excuse my voice in the video, it’s still a little hoarse from Emceeing the seminar this past weekend!

What you’re about to realize may be the #1 thing that separates those who CRUSH IT in their home businesses from those who continue to struggle month after month.


The Panelists at The Ultimate Traffic Tactics Seminar

In this Picture from left: Eric Louviere, Bill McIntosh, Matt Gil, Joey Smith, Jason Fladlien & Devon Brown


Did you enjoy the video?

Could you relate to what I was talking about?

I certainly hope so 🙂


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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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About Devon Brown

From over $40,000 in debt (and bankrupt at age 23, to now doing over $1-Milion in sales per year, Devon Brown (creator of RenegadeSuccess.com) enjoys teaching internet home business entrepreneurs the short-cuts he wishes he knew about when he first started. For free video advice that makes learning internet marketing FUN & SIMPLE, be sure to follow Devon on Facebook

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  1. Devon,

    Mate that video rocks! Soooo True, Man your cool, Regards Mark Rusling.

  2. 10:34 am on May 3, 2011

    Hey Devon,
    Great value in this video as always!
    Definitely, after 2 years of being in this business, I realize that ACTION is key. However, doing the right things takes education.
    I believe that you have to always work on the ratio between education and taking action.

    On top of that, It’s important to own the right tools to develop your project. Article spinners, submitters, wp plugins are key to optimize your efforts.
    Btw, your lapdance wp pluging is slowly but surely adding targeted subscribers to my list….

    Again, thank you

  3. 11:15 am on May 3, 2011

    Yeah it’s so much easier to learn and watch videos than creating my own content and contacting clients. You got me.

  4. 1:36 pm on May 3, 2011

    I’m not leaving a lengthy comment … excellent video, right on point … gotta go take some action! Thanks.

  5. 1:36 pm on May 3, 2011

    This is the second time in about the past month I have seen this same message, not exactly the same but the same premise….. Thanks for your teachings, I have been trying to get organized to start my doing, I am working on my information that I have and putting it all together and in order. I want to start from ground zero and see what I can do, if I have problems I may look into buying your web copy cat, wish me luck…. Thanks again

  6. 7:28 pm on May 3, 2011

    Hi Devon,

    Thank you for recording a great video that reflect what most are doing. I used to procrastinate in the past, what you say is so true. Studying the whole day but didn’t start to do any work. For people who are still out there, learning and learning without doing please do something. The basic are to build a squeeze page and send traffic to it. Once you have constant traffic, then analyses the data and improve your opt in conversion. Don’t treat your list as number, interact with them and give them what they want.

    Ya, do take care of your health.

  7. 7:49 pm on May 3, 2011

    Sounds like you had too much fun man!

    Your videos are always rocking ‘ – thanks for the knowledge and the fire.

    See you in the winner’s circle my friend.

    – John Tzor

  8. 5:17 am on May 4, 2011

    This is a point that is worth driving home everyday for the next year … until people are bored of hearing it … at which point their subconscious will NEVER forget it.

    Of course organising yourself, and stopping rationalization are vital parts too. Tony Robbins RPM method I think is a great way to get organised.

    What Time Management methods do you use Devon?

    Blessings chap … keep rockin’


  9. 8:42 pm on May 4, 2011

    Hi Devon, It was great seeing you at Bill McIntosh’s event last weekend again. You are an awesome inspiration and a great internet marketing mentor and coach. Thank you so much for all your support!

  10. 7:57 am on May 5, 2011

    Hi Devon,

    Again , advice from ‘ The Man’ that we can take to the bank.

    As a ‘newbie’ educate yourself, organize & then take action. Then keep increasing the ratio

    of time spent on ‘action’ so it is greater than ‘study time”.

    Great advice! Good job sa emcee.


  11. 12:38 pm on May 5, 2011

    Yo Devon. Hope you are feeling better today! 🙂

    I think you really drove the message home with this video. Great stuff brother. Massive props going out to you.

    Kind regards
    Saqib Khan

  12. 5:25 am on May 7, 2011


    Another awesome video! So true about complacency in learning versus ACTION! We all should look at our time and make sure we are 50/50 in both areas. Thanks for the push and the mentorship!!



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