A Special WPLapDance Thank You

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Happy Friday Everyone!

Wow, what a week it’s been!

As all of you know I just launched my new WordPress plugin called WP LapDance.

I’ve made this short video to thank you for your support and to update you on how things are going with the new plug-in!

(note: sorry about me having to rush towards the end of the video… the camera battery was about to die)


Martin Claxton

Mike Silva

Great Job Guys!!

CLICK HERE: To Grab Your Own Copy Of The WP LapDance Software
CLICK HERE: To Become An Affiliate!

(no…you can NOT buy the software through your own affiliate link)

Feel Free To Leave Feedback/Comments Below.

To YOUR Success
Devon Brown

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  1. Check out the message that Norman Austin sent in! Thanks Norman!

    “Hey Devon,

    I just wanted to say thanks for keeping the price of your great plugin low. I’m impressed with the way you set up your internet biz… You deserve to do very well. I’m looking forward to using WP Lapdance on my WP sites and I’m optimistic about finally squeezing some money out of my site visitors. It’s so great knowing that I haven’t been ripped off by another internet marketer yet again.

    Best wishes,

    Norman Austin

  2. Great plug in Devon, and it is selling really well..Claps up to ya.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Yep, I’m buying it (and thinking about promoting too) as part of a ‘pillar post’ I’m working on re ‘exit pops’ etc. Would be nice to see an example of a video – have you got one yet?



  4. Thanks Devon,
    I have never tried selling anything online before apart from sticking a few sales pages on my blogs. This looks like the plug in that could motivate me to spend my time building traffic and looking at a niche instead of the eclectic blogs that I have now.

  5. Great Plugin Devon, I’m loving it!!!!

  6. Hey Devon,

    CRAZY Conversion on WP Lap Dance and amazing product… You are giving it away… Fair play Devon.. Legend!

  7. Hi Devon,

    Just thought you might want another example of the plugin, “in action” to show your blog visitors..

    I’m actually promoting the plugin.. with the plugin.. on one of my test blogs, where I send people to see examples of WP Plugins that I’m selling, in action… at http://1CheckOutCart.com/blog – (and it’s selling like crazy)

    Great plugin!.. however, I’ll plead “the 5th” on what I think of the video and the product title 😉



  8. Aloha Devon, very cool demo on those both sites. It sort of remind me of the pop up domination without the high cost. I considering it, but not sure what to put on it. Thanks for sharing! Lanikee.com 🙂

    PS.. Have a wonderful weekend and Mele Kaliki Maka (Merry Christmas)

  9. Hey Devon, I love the software come check out what I placed on The Blakesters Madness. This is too cool for school. I have been networking online for a while now and had a buddy that made something similar but nothing close to this awesome software. I’m placing this on all of my blogs. Thanks for being a pioneer in the industry. I just signed up for the Aff program and am going to share this with my people… I’m excited to tell my teams about this software.. Thanks again.

  10. Hi Devon,

    Excellent plugin…I have connected one of my niche sites to a clickbank product using lapdance and I think it looks funky! :o) Check it out here:


  11. Hey Devon your funny informative and wplapdance ok we need to get you to JONES fast.hahaha
    excellent thx

  12. 4:10 pm on December 17, 2010

    Ok Devon,
    yes, you a fool dude lol lol lol!!

  13. I am a Laplander and I am offended! NOT

    Thanx for the great plugin. You’ve opened up a whole new chapter. In the future exit pages might be more entertaining than the original websites. I am thinking of putting your sales video on my exit page. That’s a cool thing for an affiliate to do to boost sales.

  14. 10:24 pm on December 17, 2010

    Hi Devon! You are so funny! And real tho I like that because it’s so hard to find good people & Real people now a days. I feel really blessed & thankfull that I finally found a real person & company. But most important your videos real do inspire me And that I have found the right person & company to learn, & work with. Thank you very much & God Bless You!

    From: The Eatons!!! Happy Holidays!!!

  15. Devon,

    One thing for sure – you are thinking way beyond the borders of normal marketers, and I salute you for that. I just love your style!

    Thanks for a great piece of software!



  16. Hi Devon,

    Not too sure why people would find your videos offensive, I thought they were hillarious!

    That and the exceptional price prompted me to buy the plugin and well that was the point after all so I’d say they were pure genius, as was the choice of the name, definitely memorable.

    I have uploaded the plugin to my main blog but haven’t activated it yet as I wasn’t sure what page to enter for the exit until reading the comments here, from your feedback it shows this is an exceptional software so I think I’ll join your affiliate program and do the same as Noo.

    Thanks for a hugely entertaining group of videos and the excellent price on the software, and I look forward to sending some customers your way.


  17. 7:33 am on December 18, 2010

    That’s right DB, Do YOU! > No one can Do YOU! > Like YOU can Do YOU !!!
    Thanks for sharing… WP-LAP DANCE is off the CHIZAIN !!!

  18. 2:09 pm on December 18, 2010

    Hello Devon

    Like the plugin. It’s easy to use and the price is right. I’m using it on one of my sites that I’m

    developing. Check it out. http://daveproinfo.com

    Working on some other uses.

    Take Care

  19. Hi Devon,
    I implemented it on all my blog sites. It is great. Sometimes it pops up to quick but that is the only disadvantage.

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