Devon Brown (a.k.a The Success Renegade) is one of the most talented young success coaches in the home business arena. His messages are power-packed and often filled with laughter and practical illustrations. The information he gives is simple, practical, and applicable to virtually all home business entrepreneurs. He mixes in a lot of fun, and “brings sexy back” to what my ordinarily be a boring area of concern – marketing and sales. Devon’s Renegade Success information is helping countless Internet, MLM,and Home Businesses Entrepreneurs finally achieve the success they deserve and desire.

Devon has an uncanny ability communicate in a way that makes others not only laugh, but also truly understand the message he is conveying. Its no wonder that ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul Author’, Mark Victor Hansen, said that he fully expects Devon to soon be One of the Top Ten Speakers In America.

Devon has created a number of products, and is also a successful online business coach. He states that he is most well known for being a home business success strategist, motivational speaker, and sales mastery expert. Along with his coaching program, he has also released WebCopyCat, How to Get 27K Visitors To Your Website, the WPLapDance WordPress Plugin, and most recently, his EasiestSystemEver program (which actually sends people $120 – $4,800 commission checks when someone else closes a sale FOR THEM)

As successful as he is, Devon is no stranger to failure. He filed for bankruptcy at age 23, lost a brother, and was heading towards becoming just another failure statistic. It actually took him OVER 6 YEARS before he had his first $1,000 month in his home based business.  Today, however, Mr. Brown regularly brings in over $50,000 a month in his Internet and business coaching business.

Throughout his career Devon’s Renegade Success coaching and training has
helped countless Internet Marketing and Home Business owners achieve the
success and they were striving for.


According to Devon…

“We strive to provide proven systems and success strategies that allow smart, but overwhelmed home business owners to quickly achieve the success they deserve and desire. Our primary focus is on Personal Development and Success Training, but unlike most other trainers; we teach you a SIMPLIFIED approach that ANYONE can duplicate… And while no can guarantee your success (except for you), we’ll do our best to help remove most of the obstacles standing in your way!




Hi Devon,

THANK YOU for your sincerity, integrity and openness on Wednesday night’s call. That’s what I’ve loved about you from day one –you keep it real!…”

THANKS again Devon! I truly appreciate you!

Sandy Steward


Your teaching works Devon. My opt-ins are pouring in after the changes we made to my opt-in page and Adwords campaign – Thanks!

Ken Alston


Hey Devon

 Your presentations are great man, really inspired me to take action and get on with it!


…and you blog tocks man!

Shaquir Hussyin


Incredible. WELL DONE! Unselfishly unique Mr. Brown.

Jerry Seer


Once again you’ve hit the nail on the head with your straight talking, open  & honest advice J

Dr. Michael


You are amazing! So much energy! God has really blessed you with many gifts, not the least of which is a quick wit. I met you at Gateway and am just now getting the opportunity to visit your site, Awesome. Thanks for being real. I love your tips!

Wayne King


Thank you Devon, your time and efforts to educate people about internet marketing is truly appreciated, so please don’t stop what you are doing and how you are doing it. If I had seen your system a few years ago, who knows where I would be right now. I just started with your system a week ago and finally am building my own list of subscribers now. Thank you again for the “straight to the heart of it” simple explanation of how to become an internet marketer. Peace!


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