Affiliate Marketing In You Internet Home Business: Part II

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In our last article on affiliate marketing, we explained the three dominant forms of affiliate marketing: pay-per-sale, pay-per-click, and pay-per-lead. Each of these models has unique advantages and disadvantages, and in a future article, we will help provide advice for which one is best for your Internet marketing strategy. First, though, we should explain the remaining types of affiliate marketing programs.
So What Are the Other Affiliate Marketing Methods?

  1. Two-tier programs have a structure that is very reminiscent of multilevel marketing programs. Essentially, the way that this type of affiliate marketing program works is that one website will attempt to generate traffic for another website, which will then generate traffic to another website, and so on. The idea is to establish a long chain of referring websites under the assumption that eventually, everyone will benefit.
  2. Residual programs function similar to the pay-per-sale model, only with a unique and important difference: the affiliate marketer’s referral website will continue to provide them with money. This type of affiliate marketing is generally only prominent when dealing with subscription services, and when the affiliate marketer themselves is great at pitching and selling a subscription service.
  3. The final type of affiliate marketing that we will be talking about is also the most rare, and possibly the least effective for the host company: pay-per-view. This is essentially the same as traditional web advertising, in which the host website pays the affiliate marketer a fee to show their advertisement.

As you can see, there are many different ways to go about affiliate marketing, and hopefully, you can find a way to fit on into your Internet marketing strategy. In our coming articles, we will discuss how to determine if your website is suited to being an affiliate marketer website, or even if it would make a good host website.

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