Are We Facebook Friends Yet?

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Hey Everyone!

I’m actually in San Diego California attending an Internet Marketing seminar this weekend. But I pre-recorded this video because I wanted to make sure that you knew that I want us to be Facebook friends!

Also – whether we’re already FB friends or you’re going to send me a friend request TODAY; be sure to watch the video below for a very important message/lesson!


#1. If we’re not Facebook friends already, please make sure we are! FRIEND REQUEST ME BY CLICKING HERE

#2. CLICK HERE To follow me on Twitter

flashingarrowIf you want to use Facebook to grow your internet business then: CLICK HERE To Discover How One Marketer Makes Over 17,000/Month With Facebook!


And remember – no spamming me with 100 offers a day or I’m not gonna be your friend anymore!! 😛

As always, feel free to leave a comment below…

Talk To you Soon,

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  1. Hi, Devon, thank you for contacting. Excuse me but I don´t understand English well.
    I learn to work on the internet.
    I don´t know well to work with Facebook and Linkedin.
    All the best

  2. 1:36 pm on June 11, 2011

    Hi Devon!

    Requested you on Facebook and followed you on Twitter! Looking forward to a SPAM FREE content filled relationship to create synergy and mastermind for our success!

  3. 3:01 am on August 2, 2011

    most ppl on line know me as “thekeeper” on facebook,. aka “keeps reed.
    i dont fairly new to internet mrktin soo..i dont have any any offers unless you want some AVON.
    not on tweeter, just cant get with the lil blu bird!
    to busy sorting trash lately to visit..

    b well,z

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