The Truth About Being The “EXPERT” In Your Niche!

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Hey Everyone!

I hope you’re having a good start to your week 🙂

I recently got an e-mail from a student of mine who told me that she really didn’t feel comfortable calling herself an “expert” in her niche and that she was going to wait until she felt like more of one before she started putting up her website and making money online.

Here’s what I told her…

So, did you find that helpful?

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And oh yeah, if you’re curious as to the video I was talking about at the end … you can
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To YOUR Success
Devon Brown 🙂

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  1. Great advice as always Devon. I am here under a rock hiding but
    I am always watching your videos.

  2. Cool Devon! First off – love your style. Secondly, this is great advice – on something I think a lot of people (including me) struggle with. “There’s so much out there – what value have I to offer??” And you give an encouraging answer to that one. I also think the “be yourself” message that comes thru subliminally in this video is a great message too. Thank you a ton for this!! Patricia

  3. Thank you, Devon, very edifying advice. I think it is important to be honest and real, so of course there will be things that the “expert” won’t know and this can be a way to engage with your followers to ask them if they know. It would be cool to feel like a contributor that matters and not just a name on a list with feigned familiarity-just a credit card. Besides,look at the experts of so-called history. What a joke.
    I personally feel that you have the most convincing quality of all-authentic enthusiasm. It probably helps to have such a lively social life, you player. I’m sure it’s mostly for research. You’re terrific! I’d love to hear more about MLM vitamin juice.

  4. Hey Devon hope you had an awesome weekend brother! 😀

    This topic is something that will either interest people or not interest people. Their are however so many things that one can do if they want to come across as an expert. One thing they have to do is research. Sitting down for actually 30 minutes and doing some research, away from all distractions can work wonders.

    Thinking you can become an expert is easy but staying an expert and doing the things you need to maintain that can be a challenge for most…

    Thanks for sharing this and all the best man!

    Saqib Khan

  5. Thanks for the sage advice Devon.

    Definately one of my problems but I have used various books in my niche to educate myself and I am gaining more confidence in my ability to offer others valuable information. Now if I could just figure out some of this horrid technical stuff, I think I’d be golden!

  6. As Always! Best Advice I have ever been privileged to get for FREE! What the Heck Devon? I have always felt I could motivate people to do the same things but I never put it to use. Being a Master at Many Things Keeps me Running! The Direction has been making plans to change a LOT very Soon Devon. I am Pretty Certain you Will Want a Piece of IT! Thanks for The Motivation To GO FOR IT DUDE!

    Michael A. Robison

  7. Hey Devon,

    I can make a loooooot of videos on what NOT to do, so thanks for that advice! lol

    I loved the tip on giving advice from someone else as long as we give proper credit, as that quick story on “Find your Why” was actually a very good one, thanks!


    PS. I think you should make a list of books you can recommend so we know what the heck to buy (Internet Marketing related though, not really about finding Mr. Right!)

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