Article Marketing for Internet Home Business Success

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People say, “Knowledge Is Power!” They are right. This is applicable even on the internet and if you have knowledge, you have the power to achieve internet home business success. This means that whatever your business theme is, you need to have exceptional knowledge on the subject and if you have knowledge, it will help you to get more and more visitors. It is obvious that you need to have some other knowledge as well. For instance, you need to have the knowledge of online marketing and the tools that can be used. One such tool that can be used is Article Marketing! A few years ago, article marketing was one of the strongest tools available in the market. However, with recent changes in the Google’s algorithm and revision in the policies, article marketing as a tool has undergone some important changes.

One of the most popular article directories which exist is Ezine articles. The recent Panda reports show that 90% of the Ezine ranking has been taken down by Google and Ezine has to revise its policies for article submission. This has happened because of high volume of spam articles with very little or no value for the readers. As a result, most of the links on those pages were also adversely affected because Google decided to drop those pages. It is important that you are using authentic work, with up to date information. You also need to be aware of important key wording, and phrasing.

Almost all article submission directories like Article Base, HubPages, Ezine, InfoBarrel, Squidoo etc. took the hit for the recent policy changes from Google. It is because of this reason; article marketing is no longer as strong a tool as it was to get more traffic which can lead to internet home business success. All the major article directories have changed their editorial guidelines and the authors are now required to maintain quality.

If you are looking to use article marketing as one of your marketing tools, you need to first read and understand the article submission guidelines. For the most part the guidelines are all the same for all these directories. You can then create informative and unique articles so that the readers can get some valuable knowledge. It is advisable that if you are writing an article for marketing, make sure that you are not putting it on your blog. Search engines will consider this as a duplicate content and this will harm your page rank and search engine authority. If you are looking for marketing tools for your internet home business success, you can use tools like social media marketing, advertisements and others. It is best to keep article marketing as your secondary option.

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