Authority and You: Becoming an Authority

Authority and You: Becoming an Authority
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becoming an authorityWhen you have a specific problem, you go to someone you perceive as an authority. Authority can be based on education, experience, reputation or a combination of those factors. Authority is essential in order to convince people to go to you for information or answers to their problems. You wouldn’t go to a mechanic for a broken arm just like you wouldn’t go to a doctor for a leaking transmission. A significant part of becoming an authority is being consistent and loyal to your niche.


Authority has always been an important element in any profession. However, authority has become more important than ever in online businesses. There are two reasons for this increased level of importance. First, many people have a natural skepticism of things they read online. Scams and fraud online are rampant, and this has caused a lot of people to be more skeptical. Second, Google now rates websites based on their established level of authority. Becoming an authority online will enable you to maintain higher rankings in search engines.


Authority is actually pretty easy to build up. We’ll discuss some strategies and find ways for you to apply them to your business.
Credibility is probably the most significant factor when it comes to your content. If you are writing crappy content, no one is going to read it and you’ll get nowhere fast. You need to make sure everything you post online is factual and relevant. You need to assume that if you include statistics or verifiable facts in an article, someone will try to look them up to verify. Readers will quickly figure out if you are trying to pull something over on them.


One way to build authority and credibility  is to use our people’s authority to your own benefit. If you are providing a specific fact or statistic, tell your readers where you got that from. You look more educated and more intelligent because you did research for your content. Their authority becomes your authority. Include a link to the original article. Then send a short message to the original author letting him or her know you really liked the article and you referenced it with a link on your website.


becoming an authorityDoing guest articles or getting guest articles from other bloggers with a high authority in your niche is another way to grow your own authority. When readers see you are good enough to be connected with a well-established authority, they will have more faith in you as an authority.


Consistency is also essential. It makes you look organized and educated. If you have a regular schedule, your readers will fit you into their schedule. They will depend on you to post new content, and they will view you as an authority figure in your niche.


Finally, reader engagement will go a long way in establishing your authority. Don’t just throw out content and hope for the best. Respond to comments made whether they are positive or negative. Respond to comments and posts received through your social media.  You can also have a forum as part of your blog to discuss related topics and host discussions. When responding to comments or questions, do so in a timely manner. You should be checking your content daily, so you can respond to readers within 24 hours.


In addition to helping improve your ranking in search engines, establishing yourself as an authority will also help you quickly and organically increase your readership. The more readers like you and believe in you, the more they will share your content with their friends and associates.

Your content is the key to becoming an authority. It is essential to be credible, consistent and engaging.

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  1. 5:20 am on March 4, 2014

    Hey Devon, This is my first comment to any of your content, but not my first encounter to your knowledge. I have become growingly intrigued by your witty style of teaching and sense of humor to break the boring monotony when it comes to your wisdom of the game. Your very easy to follow along with and for that, among many other likeable characteristics, have been following you and your posts for a couple months now. It’s a pleasure to say you have no doubt inspired me. With all the fluff and BS feeding my inbox daily, you have been a breath of fresh air when it comes to being realistic and honest to simply tell it how it is. Good or bad aspects of this life. In my opinion, when it comes to being a role model and authority figure , you are the only person that I am proud to say that I look up to, and hope to one day follow in your footsteps. I am very great full to stumble across your page and be able to learn from a proven Leader, and a Great Mentor in the community. amungst the cowardly fake and phony so called “Guru’s”. I am now looking forward to my career with hope for the first time and I felt it necessary to say that it’s Thanks to you. I stop continue to follow along in your career for as long as your around. Thank you for doing what you do, and I hope nothing but success in your future and career.
    Sincerely, Brian R. Your loyal student.

    • 2:09 pm on March 4, 2014

      Hey Brian… truly appreciate your kind words and that you gaining value in the information I share with the home business community. I do keep it real with my subscribers and share the good and the bad about what it is like being a home business entrepreneur. I’m glad you are enjoying my posts. To YOUR Success, Devon

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