Benefits of Having Guest Bloggers

Benefits of Having Guest Bloggers
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guest bloggingGuest blogging is an effective way to expand your content and provide your readers and subscribers with fresh voices and interesting content from other bloggers. There are many benefits and downsides to guest blogging that need to be understood before you open up your website and risk your reputation by using guest bloggers.


The most important benefit though is the networking opportunity that comes with guest blogging. If you have someone guest blogging on your website, you could potentially guest blog on your guest’s website. This creates a strong backlink from their website to yours. You also get free endorses of your website’s material on your guest blogger’s social media pages. Additionally, while new visitors may come initially to see the guest post, they may take the time to look at your other posts and start following you as well.

Another possibility is the opportunity of learning. You don’t know everything about your niche’s subject matter. A guest blogger might know something or even many things about your niche that you have yet to learn yourself. Or a guest blogger may be able to explain something in a way that reaches more people. The more diverse knowledge available to your readers on your website will increase your credibility and your relevance.

As with everything, there are two sides to every coin. Before using a guest blogger, investigate the credibility of the blogger. You do not want your website to get blacklisted by search engines and removed from browsers’ eyes. Blacklisted marketers use guest blogging as a backdoor to continue their work. Also, examine any links that come imbedded within your guest’s content. This is just to secure the safety of your website’s standing on the internet. Finally, make sure the guest blogger has legitimate experience and understanding in the field. You don’t want to risk your reputation with your readers by accepting a guest blogger that clearly isn’t a professional within the field.

Here are some tips to help you find success while adding guest content to your blog.

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First, credibility needs to be one of your primary concerns. There is so much junk on the web, you want your readers to know you only publish high-quality information on your blog. Maintain your creditability by carefully vetting all potential guest bloggers.

Second,  when approached by someone interested in guest blogger, take a look at their social networks and reach. Will the arrangement be mutually beneficial, or will you be simply offering up your audience to a newbie.  While there is nothing intrinsically wrong with helping new bloggers, you need to create long term mutually beneficial relationships.

Third, the content quality should not downgrade simply because someone else is doing the writing on your website. Edit, cross-check information, and double check everything before you post his or her content to your website. It’s your website, so you have the finally say on everything. When you’re posting content on another blogger’s website, hold your work to the highest standard. You want to become a regular guest blogger and retain the network expansion. Don’t be afraid to go back and ask the guest blogger to make some revisions, or to go back and say you changed your mind after reading their proposed article.

Google’s bots are always sorting and indexing websites and content to make browsers’ searching effective and quick. High quality content from credible sources is a surefire way to produce a website with an optimized search engine standing. The higher your standing is, the more likely your website’s content is you sure up on browsers’ monitors. Although Google has made a big deal over guest blogging in the last year, there are still benefits worth pursuing.


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