Where to Embed Your Videos for Optimum Results

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Although there are certainly a large number of people that are going to be (hopefully!) watching your videos while they’re on the actual YouTube website, there are likely to be far more that watch your video content after it has been embedded elsewhere.

Embedding a YouTube video basically means that it allows it to be watched on a website other than YouTube, whether this is a blog or Facebook or just about anywhere else.  Learning to take advantage of the embedding process is key to making money using YouTube.

Below, we’ll go over a couple of places that are great for placing videos, as well as how to do so.

How to Embed a Video

Thankfully, embedding a video is incredibly easy.  All that you need to do is find your uploaded video, click on the embed button, and then place the code that it has given you directly onto your website or platform of choice.  This process varies slightly from one website to another, but with a very small amount of trial and error, you’ll have your video content up in no time.

Where to Embed Videos

Where you place your YouTube videos when trying to make money or generate traffic to your website is largely dependent on what type of content you are using on your website.  Generally, you should be posting it on forums or on social networking groups that have an interest focus that is similar to yours where others are posting similar content.

For example, if your website is about baseball and baseball tips, you should be hunting down social networking areas and forums that focus on baseball.  It’s important to keep your content relevant to the content of the website, and the more it appears that you aren’t pushing your own content, the better.

That’s because people, when sensing that you’re trying to sell them something, tend to bristle.  Instead, you should approach linking your video as if you just found it on the Internet and thought it was too great to keep to yourself.  This means not using the exact same words in each spot that you place it, but rather tailoring the message to the location.  And remember: you don’t have to get every reader to the video.  Even a small percentage of them clicking it will result in a net traffic and therefore revenue increase. Following these tips should ensure maximum penetration of your YouTube videos, maximizing the possibility of success for your Internet marketing strategy.

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