“Bitching” Vs. “Doing”…Which Do You Do?

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So, yesterday I got an email from a friend of mine who informed me that some people had been talking about me on the warrior forum.

And while about 80% – 85% of the comments were positive (YAY ME)…there was one comment in particular that got under my skin a little and inspired me to make today’s blog video.

Here’s what happened …


Could you relate to what I was talking about in the video?

Remember, I’m not talking about just letting someone know that there’s a typo on one of their sites for the sake of helping them out. I’m talking about expending crazy amounts of negative energy on bitching about it when you know it’s not going to do anything to put dollars in your pocket!

Ok, you know the drill…

1. PLEASE leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

2. PLEASE pass this on to any other home business entrepreneurs you know (facebook friends, twitter friends, etc).

Here’s the link ==> http://RenegadeSuccess.com/bitching-vs-doing

To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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  1. Hi Devon,

    Two things…I have talked to your helpdesk and they are the absolute best. I’ve bought and returned a ton of stuff from Clickbank and the number one reason is that the helpdesk did not exist or in one case, the helpdesk was clueless as to what the product was but kept insisting they were right.

    Secondly, I have pretty much stopped trying to market affiliate products. The only thing I will keep is my affiliate links to your products. I wiped out one blog that wasn’t doing so well and I use that as my main place to promote Devon. I haven’t had a lot of success promoting on Twitter. Any comments on what else works well, like writing articles to drive traffic to my blog???


  2. Hey Devon,
    Once again a fantastic video…
    I’ve done the bitching many times myself…I’m plain guilty.
    However…I soon realized that It’s actually much easier to
    just focus on your goals and make money as a result…:)


  3. 2:11 pm on March 27, 2012


    You are so crazy!!! I mean that in a funny way you convey your messages. It is so true people are going to complain regardless because like you said they would rather waste time instead of making money. It’s good to hear criticism only if its constructive and that was not the case. If I complain is because I am not happy with myself and need to rain on someone else’s parade that is exactly what that guy did. Nice Vid!

  4. Hi Devon,

    Great video as usual!!!

    I must admit I prefer to get info products with typos in, that means the marketer has got that product out to me as fast as he possibly could so when I implement it I’ll be ahead of the curve, if it hasn’t got any typos in I then wonder how long that marketer kept that info from me while he had it proof read 🙂

    Basically an info product is just a vessel to get the ideas of the author from their head into the head of the purchaser, if that happens then it has served the purpose typos or no typos, if it’s a website product then sure that can lead to a little embarrassment, but as you say, if the purchaser spotted it in the web page copy then it’s just a two second fix for them so no big deal.

    Ha, with all the people complaining about the odd typo slipping through, better keep them away from “Text Speak” or their head will explode.


  5. 2:23 pm on March 27, 2012

    Hi Devon,

    Good response to the negativity some people expend a ton of energy on and then wonder why they aren’t making connections and making money. They forget the Law of Reciprocity and don’t realize what they are putting out there will come back to them in spades. Works both ways – good or bad.

    Always enjoy your videos and have learned so much from you about remaining focused and overcoming hurdles.



  6. 2:57 pm on March 27, 2012

    Dear Devon,

    Bitching is just not my style! Neither is commenting on blogs but I like you!


    P.S. you should use html5 video players so us smart phone users can watch your videos!

  7. Hey Devon,

    I think I saw that thread on the WF a while ago and to be honest, I found it funny that people just talk crap without really knowing what is going on.

    If there is a place online where people can really let go of their imagination and paranoia on Internet Marketing, that’s the Warrior Forum, hands down.

    It only needs one person to start a thread about something he *thinks* is not good enough and then it just snowballs from there.

    However I don’t know if these guys meant typos on the videos but for God’s sake, everyone is already scared from perfect looking sites and now we are getting scared for typos?

    Wow… people can’t really make up their minds, can they?

    Cheers man,

    PS. You know I would have told you about that thread on the WF but knowing how sharp you are, I thought you were aware of it. 😉

  8. Hey you been talking about in the fourm you must be doing something right! Their will always be people that want to bitch versa taking massive action! That’s what it take to make some real money online! It’s take some real actions! Thanks for the video!

  9. Hi Devon,
    I am sorry to hear that some people sit on the throne with the Almighty God to judge people as they wish. Only God has the right to judge not anyone else.

    This strikes a cord with me because you as my mentor told me to send out to my list every week two emails that give people value and one email with an offer. As I was doing this I saw that each time I sent out an email with an offer one or two people unsubscribe from my list.

    So I said to myself I will do a little experimenting and send out emails to my list that provides only great advice and value and send them an offer every two weeks to see how it goes.

    I sent out Monday March 26 an email to my list that I pored my heart into and today Tuesday March 27 I’ve got an email from Aweber saying that some retired welder said why is he getting this email.

    I do not think I am bombarding my list with too much email, I just believe that some people which I believe are few are quick to judge and to condemn other people. I don’t think that I am in this for too long to get on anyone nerves.

    Devon, I have always enjoyed your videos and any product you bring to the market place.

  10. 5:11 pm on March 27, 2012

    You make a great and valid point. We do have to focus on the way ahead and not get bogged down by less important/distracting stuff.Nevertheless, I do think we have a resposibility to try to check what we publish, as it is the only way others can get a flavour of who we are.

    I am not sure it merited such a long video!! Danger of protesting too much???

    I enjoy your videos but felt a little uneasy about this one…..Liz

  11. Hi Devon,

    Thanks for the great video. I have a lot of trouble with my keyboard, it just can’t type properly. Always gets me into trouble. Well, you have to have something to blame don’t you.

    But like you say, it doesn’t matter if your keybord or whatever can’t spell, everyone makes mistakes. One of my mentors, maybe the same one as yours, has a great motto. He says “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”. Says it all really.

    Love your videos, I often reccomend them to my list.

  12. 6:19 pm on March 27, 2012

    Hey Devon.

    I bought some WP templates on WF a month or so ago. It was like $9 for 6 really nice templates. BARRGAIN! Anywhoo this dude lets rip in the comments section because there is a slight coding problem. He just spewed BS and venom at the product and the vendor. Uncalled for and just petty and pathetic. Me and some other guys kinda told him what we thought and that put an end to it. But how many people read this and decided not to buy? 2 days later the vendor had fixed the problem. How easy would it have been to just make a quick mention of it or even pm the vendor? See I don’t people like him will ever get it. Bitching and whining is a profession. We all meet people like this everyday. Just avoid eye contact and back away.

  13. Nicely put Devon….Preach because that was pretty pathetic and petty as hell (smh) I haven’t found the perfect human yet & who has, I think everybody make mistakes.

    I agree, just fix it and keep it moving instaed of bitching, go make yourself so cash however WF is full of these types always wanting something for free.

    I call them ( serial refunder ) downloading your products then asking for a refund, these are same ones that will spam the hell out of you too by scraping your email from places like WF & your websites.

    This why IM is in the state that it is as of now! because guys like this… so Preach Devon bout time somebody said it.

    ARE YOU BITCHING? or ARE YOU DOING? (what it takes to make money online)

  14. 7:12 pm on March 27, 2012

    I agree 100% with you, these people who complain about meaningless things usually don’t do anything. Of course we all want to send perfect e-mails, perfect articles and perfect videos, but we all make mistakes and as long as the error don’t actually make the product useless it makes no sense to make all that noise.

    Good video, as usual.

  15. 7:17 pm on March 27, 2012

    Misspellings, bad grammar and incorrect punctuation drive me wonko. BUT I don’t whine about it.
    Well, not in public anyway.

    There’s always one bad example that has to touch whatever has the “DO NOT TOUCH” sign on it and then bitch because they got electrocuted.

    Look at it this way — they make the rest of use look sooooooo much better. hehehehehehhehehe

  16. 7:56 pm on March 27, 2012

    Thank you for making this video. I thought I was the only product creator that felt that way. I didn’t want to alienate my customers so I kept these thoughts to myself. But, this video articulated my sentiments PERFECTLY!!! I’ve been baffled on numerous occasions by the stuff people email my helpdesk about. Not only have I gotten the typo complaint but I gotten “I don’t like the Font you used so I’m going to request a refund because that font isn’t doing it for me.” Now, I’m an integral marketer so I gave the refund but I really wanted to tell that person to go screw themselves. I mean the font? Are you serious? The font stopped you from following a proven money making strategy an creating a income for yourself?…WOW! Devon Thank you for giving voice to my and many other product creators frustrations and bewilderment. Awesome video!!!

  17. Right on and Amen to that!

    Three quick thoughts (cuz I’m too busy for the bullshit)

    1. One typo vs 100’s of correct paragraphs…
    2. Don’t write anything online that you wouldn’t want on the front page of a newspaper
    3. Less competition for me, he he he.

    Thanks for making me laugh… ah-gain!


  18. 8:22 pm on March 27, 2012

    Hey Devon,

    Thanks for stealing my idea for my Thursday video — I was (am still am) going to call mine Whining vs Winning. It going to be about those people that have been whining to me on my blog vs taking what I say and start winning. I guess I am learning from the BEST….Thank you,
    Steve Love

  19. 1:10 am on March 28, 2012


    That story of yours reminded me of a similar situation I experienced a week ago. I was talking to family members about a planned family reunion to take place soon.

    At that moment my older brother asked me for the time and I answered him : Is 2:23 PM and I continue explaining the future plans. Around five minutes later my older brother was going to decide on the plan to choose when my sister interupted him to say : When Jose told you that the time was
    2:23 PM it actually was 2:24 PM
    Everybody looked at her like: Irrelevant

    I don’t think anybody SERIOUS about this even noticed the TYPO !!?? #$@^&%*

  20. 4:55 am on March 28, 2012

    Hi Devon,
    I commend your response. Positive energy is required to keep focused as progressive entrepreneurs, and not the opposite. Take only that which will enhance what you are doing and continue to move forward. Thank you for being such a down to earth mentor. I have learnt so much in a short time.

  21. 8:52 am on March 28, 2012

    Hey Devon,

    I agree with you on every point that you made in this video. I hear people every day complaining about things that they could make better themselves but would rather bitch than fix. If a person is bitching he is being negative and that is non-productive, and that means losing money.

    Thanks for being positive for us.


  22. 9:11 am on March 28, 2012

    Hey Devon:

    I agree with you completely about this. Typos do drive me crazy sometimes, but that’s my problem not the person writing the content. On the other hand, don’t you think that you got a little long on this? You made your point about half way through and after that it sounded a bit like what you were complaining about……Just a thought. I still love your stuff and agree with you on this and so many things.

  23. 6:29 pm on March 28, 2012

    Yes, video was longer than necessary – that gift of gab just keeps on over-delivering. You can’t help who you are and nobody knows that better than YOU. Your flagship product was rolled out there with typos, formatting errors, unpolished in general appearance but “imperfect action beats nothing” and good enough never is…blah, blah, blah…

    I remember wondering how the hell were you going to make money with that – only because most people would NOT be able to pull that off….[I tell you why in a minute] Time always tells, first impressions just give you something to watch out for and so it goes. Your biggest problem back then was you doing it all yourself without enough help. How many people still logged into their account [like current members] after they cancelled the $5 trial? That blunder is okay – no complaints there, huh?

    Spelling and making things look good is easy – anyone can do that so people end up getting that part right, downright shiny and that wow takes the focus off getting the rest to work “good enough” to make a few sales. That’s where YOU shine. People LIKE YOU and that’s why nothing you do is really cause for concern – your shit comes out working no matter what it looks like!!

    Now that you have help – it’s their responsibility to make sure YOU LOOK GOOD TOO. That’s how it works – the CEO always surrounds himself with people smarter than he is – always!!

  24. Devon,

    As usual advice that increases our bank account. Life is too short to be nitpicking.

    As Nike says, ” Just Do It” Thank you for your practical advice.

    Carl Stifter

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