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Hey Everyone!

I just got back from a wedding in Florida (where I think I found my future wife – lol) and couldn’t wait to tell you about the new YouTube Channel my staff and I are putting together.

As you already know…

Most of your success/failure in life has less to do with the task at hand and more to do with things like “mindset” and other basic success principles.

Example: Whether you’re looking to lose 20 pounds or become really good at using your auto-responder… both of these things are only possible once you understand the success principle of CONSISTENCY. The underlying “success principle” is what allows you to “win” or “lose” the game you’re playing.


My staff and I are putting together a new YouTube Channel that is filled with ONLY Self Improvement videos!

Watch this short video to get the details on the channel, see how you could help me out a little bit and hear about the details of my new found love interest! HAHAHAHA

And Remember:

– Be sure to share this YouTube Channel with anyone you know who is into personal development. You Can Use This Wording: If You Love Self Improvement & Personal Development, CHECK THIS OUT! ==>

– Be sure to become my friend/subscriber on this channel (if you have a YouTube Account)

– And Be sure to leave a comment if you enjoyed any of the videos we put up already!

Note: We’ll be adding new videos every week!


To YOUR Success,

Devon Brown

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  1. 11:58 am on August 23, 2010

    WAHooooooooooooo!!GREAT channel Devon!!Looking foward to watching this all the time!
    talk soon
    Ernie D

  2. 2:52 pm on August 24, 2010


    Super idea. This area is where my passion is. I agree about mind set/energy set is the foundation of getting your business right.

    One of the most powerful experiential programs for personal transformation is about to launch.

    Thanks for setting up this channel.


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