Check Out This NASTY Email I Got! (And Stop Blaming Others For Your Failures)

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Hey Everyone 🙂

Hope you’re having a good holiday season!

Yesterday I got a NASTY email from a guy who was TOTALLY PISSED AT ME!

I figured I would share this with you because there is a VERY important lesson to be learned here.

Here’s the email that he send me (100% UNedited):

“You know, Devon – You’re not helping anyone (except) your friend) by swamping your buyers / subscribers with all their crap that they have for sale. I am so sick of you guys I buy products from, try to get them to work, and then give me these horrible distractions that take valuable time away from what I am supposed to be doing. Things are hard enough, without wondering if your friends’ garbage works in conjunction with yours, or if it’s another rat-hole to piss away my hard earned money away in. KNOCK IT OFF.
– Christopher”

Here’s My Response To Christophers’s Email (Special Message At The Very End – HAHAHAHAHA)



Do you see the point I’m trying to make here?

Do you see the difference in thinking between those of us who are successful in this game and those who are not?

One of the reasons some of us don’t get distracted and don’t suffer from information overload is because when we commit do doing something, we commit FULLY!

Example: When I bought Mike Filsaime’s Evergreen Auto-Webinar Thingy, I was TOO BUSY BUILDING IT to have time to worry about the next thing he was emailing me. THAT’S why I have an auto-webinar up and running while 97% of the other people who bought that particular service still don’t have their auto-webinar up and running!

Does that make sense?

What are you thoughts?

Feel free to leave a comment below and PLEASE share this blog post/url with your fellow internet marketers if you found this lesson informative.

To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown

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  1. 2:51 am on December 29, 2011

    Hey Devon!

    I didn’t see your rant videos because i didn’t see your emails about them…..I was too busy focusing & i’m not really here writing this! Lol. 🙂

    Seriously though… Even when setting a time for dealing with emails, there are always the couple you can’t resist…this one for instance.. ‘The “NASTY” Email I Got’…. Luckily not a sales pitch! 🙂

    I think the problem is with us less experienced,.. that after purchasing a product that will..’Change Our Lives’, we are suddenly faced with an up sell that many marketers try to convince us that we really need it to make the best of the original to….er’.. ‘Change Our Lives’.

    We then feel “God!… (being inexperienced) I’d better get this in case i find later, it was necessary & goes up to $197 next week!.. Now my initial $27 has just risen to $97. Dohhh”! 🙁

    An experienced marketer like yourself will probably be savvy to what you need at that point, but a newbie feels he’s just been caught in a fishing net! It’s this practice i, & many people dislike.

    If it’s something integral to the original, then it should be upfront on the sales page, either higher priced, or optional. Any up sell after should be helpful but not needed, or of interest.

    Many do operate like this,…but too many Don’t!

  2. 6:54 am on December 29, 2011


    I actually don’t think that Christopher was saying it distracts him when an email turned up in his inbox. This is just my opinion BTW, but I think he is referring to the content of the email. Like “you have to get this great software right now!”
    He has just started building an amazon website, then he gets an email from someone he trusts that tells him he has to get this facebook WSO or whatever, that is the ants pants and you cant do without it.
    That’s just my take on what he means.

  3. Hi Devon,

    I am quite new to your blog and I am loving the way you speak- Honest and Upfront! I like the way you explained the above matter and you did gave a very valuable lesson to all of us. We definitely need to have a set plan of action and let no-one distract us from it. Facebook, Twitter or E-mails can be major time killers if we do not put a check on them. They can be very good marketing tools if used properly but they can even eat up all your time if we get lost in them.

    Loved your content!

    Thanks and Regards


  4. I understand both sides. Christopher sounds like your typical newbie. They do not know what is important. So when they decide to follow someone (in other words – put their trust in someone), they are hanging on every word the guru says.

    This is true with most gurus. They will tell about all the programs they followed when they started (before becoming a guru).

    If someone (guru) tells you that they have a new program and the subject line is set up to get the person to open it (that is marketing). A newbie doesn’t look at it as marketing. They believe the guru is giving them a short cut to success. We must remember that most newbies used to be (or are still) employees and are used to being told what to do. So they are following the way they believe is correct.

    This is why most gurus should be concerned about what they support because that newbie is trusting you to lead them in the right direction.

    I understand Devon’s side because we are all responsible for the decisions that we make. Devon’s frustration (from my view) is he is just saying quit blaming others form your decisions.

    That is why I go by the name of Ron “Simplified” Myers. My passion has and will always be to simplify things for those that follow me. Whether we agree, like it or not, most people are followers. So as a leader, we do need to be careful of our actions.

    It ain’t right. It ain’t wrong. It’s just my opinion

    Ron “Simplified” Myers

  5. Hi Devon,

    Once again, awesome lesson…

    I do what the guy does that sent you the nasty email. I’m so worried about missing the latest and greatest, that I constantly check my email and try to keep up to the deletions, but once in awhile, something will catch my eye that I look at. And usually it’s because of who sent it. I always read yours.

    Maybe because I need to lighten up and I know that your presentation will do that… or maybe because I know you have a message that will teach me something! And it does.

    I did a “like” on this, and I’m also forwarding the email to a couple of “real” friends, OK?

    Keep ’em coming…

    John Witherspoon

  6. Devon, thanks guy … really good points, all the way around … it just took me a while to get back to my emails to find this … I have a plan, or I’d get nothing done … full time J.O.B. – building our retirement home (myself) and helping others learn how to market on the Internet … every task has it assigned schedule … Be Blessed – Be Abundant – Ken

  7. Ok ……..My mother, may God rest her soul and give her a big hug, used to tell me that “It is better for the world to think you are an idiot , than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!” Very good advice
    from the “Here After” It always makes me think about what it really is that I am hear after!!!

    “Pay It Forward” …………… “Simple Stan” Furlough

  8. LOL Devon,
    Too True. If you don’t have what it takes to manage your own time and decide what products you will and will not buy and use. It is time to go back and get a job. You seriously need someone else telling you what to do and when to do it.

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