Choosing an Ecommerse Website

Choosing an Ecommerse Website
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selling on ebayDecisions driven by well education forethought can insure your success as a businessman or businesswoman. All you have to do is research all the information associated with the decision. Today, the decision you’ve made is to begin selling through an ecommerce website like Amazon or eBay. Before you commit to this decision and go further in your business venture, I would like to present the research you need on the pros and cons of the marketing venture.



I’m going to make it simple and easy for you to learn and implement. I will begin with the pros and follow with the cons. We will look into each advantage and disadvantage thoroughly.


The Pros


Ecommerce websites like Amazon and eBay offer high traffic areas to sell your merchandise. As a merchant, you want your product seen many times over. The more people that see it, the more people that buy it.


While people on these websites are looking to buy a certain product, they are not looking for your store. What the products on these mass traffic areas do is act like hooks. You product becomes a backlink to your website. If customers are satisfied with your products, they may go to your website and repetitively buy from you. The browsers on Amazon or eBay become your own personal customers.


Marketplaces are designed to support as many niches as humanly possible. Amazon and eBay help you work against competitors and bring attention as a whole. The more needs a certain location can satisfy, the more popular it is. This contributes to the high traffic benefit discussed in my first point.


The Cons


While Amazon, eBay, and other ecommerce websites can help your business thrive, they are in the business to make money too. They make their money off your success. Yes, you heard me right. Fees, fees, and more fess. Fees can be charged on a variety of areas like handling, weight, and size.


These websites make money off your success as mentioned in the previous point. They don’t make as much money if their typical traffic is everywhere else buying products straight from the seller. To compensate this, these websites will limit the amount of communication between buyer and seller and how much information of the seller is advertised in the marketplace. They will also market their own products as well to net extra income and control the prices within the market.


The more places you sell in, the more people will see and buy your products. While this is great and wonderful, it comes with an equal disadvantage. This has to deal with syncing all of your inventories. With multiple stores, it’s easy to get confused and lose count. Last thing you want to happen is to have your inventory say you have three of a certain product when in reality, you have none. Fortunately, there are software programs that can help you keep all of your inventories in sync.


If you are selling only virtual products, you won’t need to worry about inventory, but it is still essential to keep track of buyers and information.


Differences between Websites


Now that we have discussed the pros and cons associated with buying and selling in internet marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, let’s discuss how you select a marketplace to sell your products. I have already mentioned the two largest marketplaces. You instincts tell you to go all in and sell as much as you can in as many places as you can. However, these two marketplaces have many distinct differences that could change your mind making you favor one over the other.


selling on amazonAmazon makes to easier for sellers to sell and buyer to buy through the Fulfillment by Amazon feature. This feature allows you to ship all of your merchandise to them. Then Amazon takes care of all the shipping. The effectiveness of this feature is simple. Amazon does free shipping for orders $25 or more. Another thing Amazon does that eBay doesn’t is sell its own merchandise as well.


EBay is like a massive flea market where everyone buys a booth to sell. Whether you succeed or not, the marketplace still made money. Although they do not offer the ease of inventory and shipping that Amazon offers, they make it relatively easy for you to sell. Creating ads is already laid out and the payment process is taken care of.


In addition to ebay and Amazon, you also have websites like Craigs List. Craigs List is free, which makes it attractive. However, Craigslist is also jam packed with new ads everyday, and regardless of keywords or anything else, ads are listed on a first come first service basis. This means that your ad could quickly be moved to page two only hours after you post it.


With all of this information in mind, you can now make a well-educated decision when advancing your internet business. Remember the pros and cons of ecommerse websites. Also remember the differences between marketplaces.



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