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In our last article on making money with your Internet Home Business, we’re going to tell you about a productive, but somewhat boring, way to make money on the Internet: click working and survey-taking. As an Internet marketing strategy, it may not be the best, but it’s easiest, and you can do it while you watch TV or do just about anything else that leaves your hands free.

Clicking Your Way to a Paycheck

A simple Google search for “clicking to make money” will reveal hundreds of different click-pay websites. Although we cannot vouch for the efficacy of any of them, the volume of people that rely on these for their income signifies that at least some people have a large amount of success with them.

The way that click-pay websites work is pretty simple: if you click on a provided link and look at the webpage for a set period of time, then you will receive a credit. Once you receive enough credits, you will receive a payout.

While these payouts certainly aren’t worth very much money, you can quite easily perform them – so there’s no reason not to make it part of your Internet marketing strategy.

Answering Questions

Another way that you can generate a small amount of money by not doing much is by taking surveys. Just like with click-pay services, we cannot endorse any sites in particular, but a quick Google search should show you as many as you can imagine.

These sites work by having you take surveys on a variety of topics, from shopping to television to science, after which you are provided with credits. Once enough credits are accrued, you can exchange these for money.

While click-pay and survey websites are the easiest ways to make money online, they are certainly not the most well-paying. Just the same, if you’re looking for a quick and dirty way to make some extra money online, then you should take up one, or both, of these practices.

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