College vs. A Home Business… Which Makes More Sense?

College vs. A Home Business... Which Makes More Sense?
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Now… before people start making assumptions based on the title of this blog post, let me go ahead and say that I’m NOT saying to not go to college. I’m NOT saying that college isn’t valuable or anything like that.

I went to college

I have a degree

I graduated at the top of my class when I was 20 years old

But if you compare 4 years of college, to 1 REALLY FOCUSED year of being in a home based business, I just don’t think the math adds up.


So, did you understand the point the video was trying to make?

Just do this…

Pretend your business is like you’re going to college. But instead of it taking 4 years, it can take just 1-2 years. And while you probably won’t make much money while your “in school”… you will make money when you “graduate”. The only difference is that a graduate from college might make about $35,000/year in some entry level position, where as a “graduate” from home business school can make as much as $100,000 a year upon “graduation”.

BOTTOM LINE: If you can go to college for 4 years and not make any money while getting your education; you can put 1-2 years into learning how to run a successful home business and not quit after 2 months because you didn’t make any money.

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