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Hey Everyone…

Last week I got a question from a guy named David.

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David asked:

“What is the absolute, very first step I should take in beginning to learn how to be
an internet marketer?”

While David’s question may seem simple…there are actually MANY “1st” things you can do

– Select a niche
– Get a mentor
– ETC..

But today I’m gonna answer David’s question in a more broad sense…


Hopefully you found today’s video informative/helpful 🙂

And hopefully you now understand that GENUINELY COMMITTING to success is one of the most important first steps you can make on your journey as a home business entrepreneur!

As Always…

1. PLEASE leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

2. PLEASE pass this on to any other home business entrepreneurs you know (facebook friends, twitter friends, etc) if you think it might help them.

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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown



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  1. Devon,

    Commitment. You are right. This is Job # 1 before one decides to be a success in internet marketing. You must be honest with yourself to say out loud that you are committed.

    Commitment comes before all the IM bells & whistles.

    Commitment is an absolute so that you will stay focused.

    Thank you for your commitment,


  2. 5:30 pm on September 17, 2012

    Thanks for the comments. Deep down I know that is what I need, and feel that I have the commitment. I guess the next step is to find a mentor who can put up with me long enough to get me on the right track. I’m a little slow in picking up all of the technical aspects of the process.

    On thing that really bothers me is all of this “relationship building” that I keep hearing about. I’m not certain that I can do that aspect of the business. I am no good at writing interesting sales letters and I definitely do not want to spend my time “giving away” all of the crap people are trying to give me. That part really does upset me. I am looking for answers, not free stuff.

  3. 5:46 pm on September 17, 2012

    Good stuff, Devon
    Sadly, a lot of folks will relegate this to only motivational speaker’s hype, but it is the hinge pin to succeeding at anything. This online marketing stuff is work and closer to retail work than any other kind. It all depends on the shoppers. Sometimes they buy everything offered. Other times they barely fall short of spitting in your face. You have to have the intestinal fortitude to push past all the par for the course hindrances and give it your all. Thanks for the boot

  4. That was an awesome answer Devon,i enjoyed every word of that and very true….i have been in internet marketing for almost 3 years and now that i look back…i have done alot of that “actions not matching my words” thing….and your right…if you keep doing that dont expect to be successful,really in anything you do…. really enjoy your vids i get motivated every time i watch them…thanks Devon….keep up the awesome work man……hey if you get time check out my blog post…my idea behind it is very interesting….. just ask me and i will tell you……not here tho….take care…

    Gary M.

  5. 12:08 am on September 18, 2012

    hi Devon
    I seen a few weeks ago you had offer for 100.00 of free training. You give that with every video
    and I thank you for that. I have to tell you that I take it as a much watch and I feel thankful that
    you try to help us out as much as you do. THANKS


  6. Right on the money… As it were. Commitment( which I have been lacking) is key.

    I’ve been told not to try and be perfect, but prolific… Being perfect will come in time.

    It’s ( as I learned from Frank Kern) not about the software and the ‘stuff’it can do, it’s about. Indent, your engagement, you, and the value you give.

    Keep on giving, keep on giving, keep on giving.

    And you shall find the reward.

    Thanks Devon.

    I’ve unsubscribed from many lists, but wait patiently for your emails, as you do give, and I do find value.

    Keep on keeping on.

    Best Regards


  7. Hey Devon… A great answer… Only thing is, I’ve found ways that work for me now to develop and maintain a consistent state of super commitment… But…

    I thought it would be cool to hear how you go about creating that state.

    Oh, one more thing, I would say that I found it easier to ‘commit’ when I had finally found the right course… Once I knew was the real deal.

    Keep up the great work Devon. All the best to you all at renegade success. 🙂

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