What Type Of Content Should You Send To Your List?

What Type Of Content Should You Send To Your List?
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WARNING: I go into WWWWWWAAAAYYYY more depth/detail in the video below than I meant to – hahaha

I know I have a BIG mouth but some subjects just get my motor going a little more than others.

Liam Judge (one of my super-awesome subscribers), submitted a question to me where he said…

“Devon, List building is something I am trying to improve at the moment. I would like your advice on follow-up messages. What type of content is best? How often should I email people on my list? What should I say to convince them to purchase one of my products? ETC…”

Well, when it comes to the subject of sending content to your list, I usually have A LOT to say. so grab your pen and paper because I go pretty in depth in this video 🙂

I hope all of that made sense!

And I hope I was able to deliver some good content to you and that you took some good notes 😉

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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown:)

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  1. 12:18 am on May 30, 2014

    This is very helpful! I’ve been wondering about the same question myself, great advice as always Devon, thanks!

  2. 1:18 am on May 30, 2014

    Good stuff playa, always enjoy watching Your stuff, but show Tera sometime lol

  3. Wow. This was seriously helpful. You could’ve just given us one tip but you practically gave us a whole course on following up with customers.
    Thanx for another awesome video!

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