Customizing Your Facebook Profile

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So you have your Facebook active and running, you’ve found a few friends, and have entered in some details on your profile.  However, you’re not yet making any money or generating web traffic.  In this article, we’re going to take the first step to fixing that: setting up your Facebook profile as a part of your overall Internet Home Business strategy.

Customizing Your Profile Text

One of the first things that you need to do after getting your Facebook going is to fully fill in your profile.  This doesn’t mean just listing what bands you like and where your store, if applicable, is located.  Rather, a well-done business or website profile should contain a number of different elements.

Among others, you should include your website URL, how long you have been in business, your purpose for being in business in the first place, and what your business can help do for the community that it is a part of.  Note, however, that you’re not filling in this information just for the sake of your potential customers/visitors’ curiosity: your Facebook profile can directly help generate traffic and money for your business.  The key to making your profile work for you are search terms.

When writing your profile, make sure to lace it with as many relevant words to your business or website.  If your blog is about computer games, then make sure to mention them whenever possible.  Similarly, if you run a business that sells cleaning supplies, you should never miss an opportunity to mention just that.

Using Pictures in Your Facebook Profile

Making money and generating traffic with Facebook isn’t just a text-based game, and the ease with which you can place images and photographs on your profile and wall speaks volumes to this.

In addition to having a well-cropped and scaled image of your business or blog logo, you should also have images of some of your services/products, employees, and even pictures of events that you have held.

Whenever your business or blog holds an event that draws some attention, make sure to capture some images – they’re great for generating extra interest on Facebook!

Often, the difference between a great business or blog Facebook and a poor Facebook is the profile behind it.  That’s because the “Info” section is often what people look at before deciding whether or not to follow it – and if yours is fully fleshed-out and detailed, people will be much more likely to follow you.

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