Deciding What to do with Your Content

Deciding What to do with Your Content
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content marketingKnowing the difference between what to give prospective customers and what to sell them is an important skill for your business. The free content is what will bring new customers in and hopefully make you the money you’ve been working so hard to earn.

There is a fine line to walk here when it comes to free products. If you provide too little, you will not collect many customers. On the other hand, if you give too much, you won’t make any money. Free content is important so let’s review the benefits and the line to walk.

Your business is built on a network of readers and customers. Free content is the thread that ties your business’s network together. As you get new customers, they will spread news of the cool stuff they found on your website and grow their network.


Your credibility must be built before anyone is going to pay you for anything. Fastest way to do that is through your free content. If you can show your worth to new visitors, they will become customers. Make sure your facts are specific and straightforward. If the information you provide isn’t accurate, you will quickly lose credibility. Avoid supporting common industry myths or make overly generalized, all-encompassing statements that can’t possibly be true a majority of the time.


Show your readers and viewers that you have a unique quality to your content that makes you better than other websites in your niche. Share personal stories and relate to your audience. This will increase your credibility and your conversion rates. A lot of writers are too generic in their work. Be specific in both story and fact. You want people to read your content and feel like they know you and the business a little better. No one wants to follow someone who writes in a clinical, boring, and impersonal manner.


There is a risk factor in the mind of every customer when it comes to any purchase. There are objections, problems, issues, and all such things in your potential customers’ minds that make them say “no.” Your free content should give them every reason to say “yes.”


craigslist sale1The most critical thing is to give your customers a desire for more. Be tantalizing. Be seductive. Overall, you want readers to seek out more of what you have to offer. Give them a reason to believe that ebook you wrote is worth the price.

Now that we’ve discussed how critical it is that you provide free content, let’s move on to what you should keep safely backed by monetary values. This content is the main course to follow the appetizers you graciously provided for your newly loyal audience members.

The information you sell has to be valuable. If you sell an ebook filled with information that is easy to find through wikipedia, you will not have returning customers. The information you sell should also be true to your personality and the type of information your readers have come to expect through your website.


The more followers you have and the more valuable information you provide for free, the more likely readers will be willing to pay for content. You’ve established authority and trust with your readers. You won’t have to work hard to “sell” because your loyal readers will be looking to buy.


One thing to keep in mind. You need to make the content you are selling easy to find and easy to buy. It should be highly visible on your website, and it should be included in calls-to-action. You need to make sure your checkout is easy to use and working properly at all times. It takes very little for online consumers to change their mind about buying something.

As always with “should do’s” there are “should not do’s.” Do not be overly complicated. People do not like working, so do not make them work. Do not complete everything. Leave cliffhangers and tantalizing tidbits of information that will bring them back for more. Finally, remember it is marketing your free content that will lead readers to your money making content.


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