Determining Tasks To Keep In-House and Tasks to Outsource In Your Internet Home Business

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In this article in our series of articles about the secrets of outsourcing, we are going to examine an aspect of outsourcing that won’t necessarily be relevant to all business owners, because it requires you to already have employees.  This secret of outsourcing is all about what tasks you should keep in house, and which you should not.

Know Your Employees and How They Fit Into Your Internet Business

Although it’s great business practice to know your employees on both a personal and a professional level, it’s also key in knowing what to outsource.  What is Jim in the corner cubicle really great at?  What is he lacking in?  How about Phil, whose cubicle is next to Jim’s?  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep a running list of activities and skills like this, so you know who best to dedicate work to.

The idea behind knowing what your employees are great at isn’t just so you know which tasks to give to what employees.  It’s about knowing how to put them directly to making you money, and which tasks to farm out so as not to minimize their money-making potential.  For example, while Jim might be a great programmer that can also type business reports in a mediocre fashion, you don’t want him wasting his time on those reports.  Rather, you want him focusing on programming for as much time as possible.  In this situation, it would be prudent and advisable to outsource the report.

Which tasks are necessary to outsource and which are necessary to keep in house is really a decision that must be left up to each manager or business owner.  Just like the other secrets of outsourcing, this relies on your ability to understand the resources that you already have, and how best to employ them.

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