How NOT Giving Away A “Free Gift” On Your Squeeze Page Can INCREASE Your Sales!

How NOT Giving Away A "Free Gift" On Your Squeeze Page Can INCREASE Your Sales!
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Let’s face it…

We’ve all become so used to doing it a certain way that we don’t even really think about it anymore. Heck, we don’t even question the “rule”.

What rule am I talking about?
The one that says: Your squeeze (opt-in) page must offer the prospect a free gift in exchange for their email address!

Am I saying that offering a free gift is bad? NO
Am I saying that you should never offer a free gift (i.e. report, video, etc…)? NO

But what I am saying is that your squeeze/opt-in page is the first page of your sales funnel that people see. And if you want your funnel to convert better, then it starts with what you say on your squeeze page.
Let me explain:

A little while back here’s what the first few parts one of my internet sales funnels looked like

STEP 1: Prospect lands on a squeeze/opt-in page that offers them a free report revealing my “$30K/Month Formula”

STEP 2: Prospect is emailed the free report in the background, and lands on a page that says

“Congratulations, Your Free Report Has Been Mailed To You…
Click Here To Continue & Discover How To Get 10 Website Businesses For Just $5”

STEP 3: Prospect either goes to their email and looks for their free report, OR , they click and continue on to my sales letter page and HOPEFULLY purchase the $5 trial of my continuity program.

Now, we should note a few things about this.

First, we should note that nothing I was doing was “wrong”. My opt-in rates on my squeeze page were about 35% – 40% and, of those that opted-in, about 4% took advantage of the $5 trial.

But let me ask you a question.

What was the REAL goal here?

Was it to get them to read the free report? Or was it to get them to take advantage of the $5 trial?

THE ANSWER: The $5 trial, of course. Because the purpose of a sales funnel is to make SALES!! – Duh!! 😉
So, if the goal of the sales funnel is to make sales, then consider this variation of the same sales funnel I just described.

STEP 1: Prospect lands on a squeeze/opt-in page that says to them:

“Discover How To Get 10 Ready-To-Go Website Businesses For Just $5!
And the “Action Button” Says: “Give Me Full Details!”

STEP 2: After opting in, they land on a sales page where the headline says:

“Now You Can Get INSTANT ACCESS To 10 Ready-To-Go Website Businesses For Just $5!”
And the sales letter continues to do the rest of the selling

STEP 3: My auto-responder still sends them the Free Report in the background (so that they like me better) but the free report is just an “unadvertised bonus”.

My opt in rates remained the same on the squeeze page… but the percentage of people who took advantage of the offer on my sales-letter JUMPED from 4% to 10% (that’s more than DOUBLE!!)

Why did this happen?
Simple. Because my message was CONGRUENT the whole time.

In the original funnel I was “selling” my prospects on getting a FREE REPORT. So that’s what they were looking for after they opted-in.

In the 2nd version, I was “selling” my prospects on getting access to 10 ready-to-go website businesses for just $5. So after they opted in, that’s EXACTLY what they were looking for.

Here’s my point:
You can’t look at your squeeze page as a stand-alone page. You have to look at it as PART of your overall sales funnel. If it was just a stand-alone page, then fine, give away all the free reports you want. But if your goal is to increase SALES throughout the rest of your funnel, then consider the point that “selling” whatever is on the next page may be a better option.

To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂


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