E-mail Marketing for Dummies: 8 Helpful Hints

E-mail Marketing for Dummies: 8 Helpful Hints
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email marketingA successful business is able to effectively connect with its readers. There are many ways above and beyond just your website’s content to do this. Social media is a great way to connect with readers, but there’s one method that stands out above all others: your e-mail list. E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to regularly connect with your readers.


Building an e-mail list is easy. All you have to do is have opt-in options easily located and a squeeze page dedicated to increasing your e-mail list. All too often, bloggers and internet marketers  are successful in building their list, but they struggle with how to use their e-mail list.


How you use your email list will make or break your success in this business. I want you to succeed and reach your full potential, and learning better ways to utilize your list is essential to your success.


Here are 8 helpful tips that will keep subscribers on board and your e-mails out of their spam folder.


1. After they’ve given you their name and e-mail, encourage them to confirm their e-mail account immediately. Have the auto responder send a confirmation e-mail as soon as they click “subscribe.” There are many ways to encourage them to confirm their subscription. Listing the benefits of confirmation on your squeeze page to add the extra push to subscribe. Likewise, if you are offering a free ebook or newsletter, make sure they understand they will not be able to receive it until they confirm their subscription.


2. After they’ve subscribed, send them a welcome e-mail. First, this should welcome them to your community. It shows you care and makes them feel special. Second, let them know they can e-mail you at any time with comments or questions regarding your content on the website or within your niche in general. Remember to respond promptly. Third, this is your chance to learn about your audience and expand the interests covered within your niche. Find out what their problems are and address them.


3. Don’t e-mail useless crap like promo codes or coupons for your latest e-book. Don’t e-mail just about your new products either. If people want to buy, they’ll go looking for your products. E-mail content rich, personal, and interactive e-mails that encourage your subscribers to communicate with you, read more of your articles, and get involved with your business. This isn’t to say you can’t or shouldn’t send emails promoting your products. I’m trying to say you should not exclusively send promotional emails.


4. At the footer of your e-mail, remind them when and where they subscriber to your e-mail list. This keeps you from looking like a random e-mail and getting a spam sticker marked on your URL. The date they subscribed and a link to your website will be sufficient. You should also include a link to unsubscribe. Put it at the very bottom so while it’s easy to find, it’s also the last thing they’ll see.


email marketing5. Design your e-mails to be compatible with mobile devices. Don’t make them too wide or include large scale data that takes forever to load. You have about 2 second before you lose the interest of the subscriber. Make it count. With the communication world dominated by android, iPhones, and other smart phones, this is an absolutely critical piece of advice you should use to format your e-mails.


6. Give your subscribers special privileges for subscribing to your e-mails. Discounts on merchandise or a free e-book is good and all, but it has to be paired with other benefits to be effective. Make sure your audience knows that they have a direct line of contact they can use to talk to you about specifics. Let them guide your content through questions and polls. While these two would come inherent with the system; it helps to remind them. Also, provide a weekly or biweekly summary of all posts and articles as a special opt-in only for subscribers.


7. While we’re discussing privileges, auto responders can be a great tool when using your e-mail lists. Have a sign up for multi-part tutorial based e-mails they get to learn special * subscriber only*  information relative to your niche and their topic of interest. Make sure you make a note on your squeeze page about these awesome e-mail tutorials you offer.


8. My last point is probably the most important. Be consistent. If you’re emailing daily, weekly, biweekly, or whenever, do it consistently. Be on time or early. As far as picking a time goes, work with your target audience and fine tune your e-mail launch time to a particular break in their schedule like lunch or after work. Once you have a certain regularity set up, your subscribers will come to expect your e-mails.


These simple and easy tips don’t require you to do back flips or go out of the way for your subscribers. They are designed to make email marketing easier and to make your customers want your content and products more. Maximize the potential of your e-mail list, and you might have to buy a bigger wallet.


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