Entrepreneurs: What Makes Them so Special?

Entrepreneurs: What Makes Them so Special?
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You see successful businesses everywhere. None of those businesses sprang up from the ground. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the business world.


Someone had some genius idea, made a plan and went for it. They accomplish this feat of imagination and hard work with characteristics including confidence, vision, consistency and intelligence.


However, there are some qualities that separate really successful home business entrepreneurs from all the rest.

Here are 6 qualities that separate the successful from the rest.
1. Successful entrepreneurs don’t lose who they are when the money comes into their pockets. This down to earth perspective keeps their heads on straight and keeps them in business. They pull off this characteristic in one of two ways. One, it’s just in their personality. Two, they figured out how to live off little to nothing while trying to start up their business and making their initial profit.


All too often, people go crazy with the money they make. Suddenly, they are spending more time playing and less time working. Before they know it, their business crashes, burns, and they’re back to square one.


2. Entrepreneurs have a touch of naivety. In our culture today, naivety is considered a bad thing. It’s related to ignorance and stupidity. This perception of the word is wrong and unjust. Naivety is a lack of experience and a lack of judgment. More so a departure from reality and into the dream realm. It’s here in the dream realm that true genius is born.


Naivety gives entrepreneurs a false sense of optimism. They see nothing but clear skies and a sunny day in front of them on the road ahead. Most of the time, this is a figment of their imagination that is hiding the challenging storm on the road ahead. If it wasn’t for the imagined problem-free journey, they may have never left the comfort of their home to explore the business world as an entrepreneur.


3. Luck follows every successful entrepreneur. I grew up hearing that luck is the convenient byproduct of hard work. Well, in the business world, this is as true as it gets. Successful entrepreneurs constantly put themselves into positions where luck can take a swing. They work hard and persevere. They are consistent, level headed, and driven towards success. Luck loves to hang around these people.


home business entrepreneurPlease note that just because they are lucky in the business world doesn’t mean they’ll be lucky in Vegas. It takes hard work to produce luck.


4. Successful entrepreneurs have a diverse and well-rounded skill set. They realistically cannot be a master at one skill and expect to become successful. It’s completely impossible. Get that delusion out of your head. At the start of your business, you have dozens of different tasks to manage and complete. Unless you came into a lot of money and can afford a payroll, you’re going to be doing everything on your own.


5. The successful leaders also have compassion. A heartless leader will bear no fruit. A leader with compassion towards his employees, his customers, and his products will be successful. When going into business, profit isn’t everything. A stable and consistently fruitful business will be better. Further, it’s through a leader’s compassion that they create their legacy and become immortal in memory.


6. Successful entrepreneurs stand out from all the rest. They are different and generally don’t fit in with others. They surround themselves with friends who are also successful or striving towards success. They are always hard at work and bettering themselves. They focus on one thing they love and go all out in their efforts to becoming successful doing what they love. Different is good. Different is unique, and it takes a unique person to being successful as an entrepreneur. If it was easy, everyone would be an entrepreneur.


These 6 characteristics are common among successful home business entrepreneurs, and they are some of the characteristics that enable entrepreneurs to become successful. These characteristics along with imagination, dedication and persistence create a powerful combination.


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1. PLEASE leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

2. PLEASE feel free to click the like/share buttons on the left hand side of the page

3. PLEASE pass this on to any other home business entrepreneurs you know (facebook friends, twitter friends, etc) if you think it might help them. – See more at: http://www.renegadesuccess.com/this-offer-can-make-you-rich/#sthash.IuDAyan5.dpuf


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