Is It Ok To Fake It Till You Make It?

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One of the questions that I will often hear from individuals who are just starting out in this
industry is:
“…But Devon, I’m not really an “expert”, what qualifies me to talk to others about this topic? Don’t get me wrong…I love my niche and I love talking about my niche, but I just don’t feel right “pretending” that I’m some “expert” when I really don’t feel that I am”

This is a GREAT question!

And the fact that I get it so often tells me that most of you are coming from a place of integrity with regard to building your businesses! (WOO HOO! 🙂 )

Anyways, here’s my answer!

Here are some of the GREAT COMMENTS that others left on my FACEBOOK with regard to the question.

Mark Edward Brown Said:
“good intent / bad catch phrase. Fake is not genuine and everyone + everything knows it! Better to be determined, focused, and have a calculated plan plus a good coach or consultant (teacher)”

JJ Alan Said:
“I believe the fake it till you make it is more of a state of being, for example, you want to fake the confidence and conviction in what you are doing, over a period, that confidence will produce success… The problem is when people want to fake tangible things and results”

Kelly Fidel Said:
“I hadn’t used this phrase ever, then 2 years ago while speaking at a 3 day event I said it. I also spoke each day to a man that asked if he could ask me 1 question each break. That’s 18 questions … very strategic. I didn’t know he was homeless and borrowed the money to attend. One year later he’s at over $600K and send me a testimonial and thank you. He said my statement ‘Fake it til you make it’ gave him Permission to Succeed. I tell this story from the platform today!”

Desmond Nicholson Said:
“It also allows you to take imperfect actions to get going..It beats being caught up in paralysis analysis in trying to get every thing perfect. You can always correct your course on the fly..”

Carry Tucker Said:
“‘fake it til you make it’ is useful when you are referring to a smile. Smile even when you don’t feel like it and you will soon feel like it. It’s magic!”


What do you think?

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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown 🙂

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  1. Hey Devon ,

    Big Believer in your words on the Video..and Yes I also suffered from ” the approach anxiety”
    which BTW I erased it by changing my view towards women and ACTUALLY Facing my Fear.

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