Finding Your Niche: 5 Successful Home Business Entrepreneurs Who Thought Outside of the Box

Finding Your Niche: 5 Successful Home Business Entrepreneurs Who Thought Outside of the Box
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home business entrepreneurAn important part of becoming a successful home business entrepreneur is finding a niche that works for you. Your niche might be online tutoring, mail order pet supplies, virtual assistance, etc.


There is an almost endless list of possibilities when it comes to an online home business. However, what you want to be careful of is trying to jump into someone else’s niche simply because you see them being success.


Your niche needs to be something you are excited about and you want to be successful at. You may create a business in a niche you’ve been interested in for a long time, or you can start a business in a niche you sort of just fell in to.


Over the course of several years, I have built a thriving online business showing and helping other people how to market their businesses online. My niche is in internet marketing. However, that doesn’t mean you should try to do the same thing. You can use the internet marketing skills I offer to promote your own business/product within your own niche.


Your niche is going to be your “thing.” It needs to be something you can go full speed with.


For example….


home business entrepreneurHere are 5 people who created amazingly successful online home businesses by thinking outside the box.


1. Jose Muniz’s online business, Amazing Butterflies, brings in over $1 million a year selling live butterflies.


2. Michael Senoff makes over $1000 a day selling old and hard to find seminar material.


3. Catherine Keane started a company called Hungry Pod. Her company brings in over $100,000 a year loading music onto people’s iPod’s for them.


4. Joshua Opperman started his business after his engagement ended, and he was stuck with a very expensive engagement ring. He started the website, I Do Now I Don’t, which allows people to sell no-longer-needed engagement rings.


5. Nick Lindauer started a hot sauce blog while still in college selling bottles of hot sauce out of his apartment. Within five years, he was bringing in over $200,000 in sales.


Each of these people started their business for a different reason. Muniz started selling butterflies on a bet from a friend that he couldn’t make is successful. Keane started her business after someone offered her $500 to load his entire CD collection onto his iPod. Opperman started his business after getting stuck with an unwanted engagement ring, and Senoff started his business after finding some seminar material worth thousands of dollars for $50.


Business ideas often grow out of personal necessity or recognizing a need in other people. Some ideas grow out of hobbies or passions. It doesn’t matter how exactly you find your niche, as long as you find YOUR niche, opposed to trying to force yourself into someone else’s niche.


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