Focusing On Keywords As Part of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

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One of the most important tools that has been developed for the Internet is the search engine. As literally tens of thousands of new websites are going live on an hourly basis, there’s a ton of new content out there. Search engines function by combing these new websites and indexing them by their keywords. If you want your website to be easily searched out, and therefore to attract more visitors, you need to determine what your keywords are and use them regularly.

What Are Your Keywords?

The easiest way to answer this question is to just answer what your website is about. Do you run a website that is about sandbox, single-player RPG games in a post-apocalyptic landscape? Then that string of words is a great place to start. While you could just rely on “RPG” and “post-apocalyptic” as your keywords, Google, and other search engines, will be much more likely to put your web site at the top of page rankings if a search query hits on more than one of your keywords.

How to Use Keywords

The key to generating web traffic as a part of your Internet marketing strategy is by using keywords in repetition. The more frequently that your keywords appear inside of the content of your webpage, the higher in the search rankings for that particular search query your web page will appear. This means lacing your content and web site as a whole with your keywords as frequently as possible. This process is also known as search engine optimization, and we’ll go over some particular strategies for that in a coming article.

Getting traffic to your website can be a slow and time-consuming process, and it relies on as much trial and error as it does anything else. Google, like other search engines, do not share their exact methods of determining page rank, so what works well one day may not work well on another. As long as you approach your website with patience, determination, and continue to provide good content, you will eventually begin to generate a large amount of web traffic.

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