Four Real World Ways Business Are Using Twitter

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Despite all that you’ve probably heard by now about the wonder that can be Twitter, you may not be familiar with the ways that real businesses are using Twitter. We’ve looked around, and found the four biggest ways that real-world companies are using Twitter. While the first two will provide the most utility for most small businesses, you can still use the others by utilizing specialized tweet lists.

  1. Direct Marketing: The most obvious way to use Twitter is also the most precarious. By using your Twitter account as a direct marketing tool, your followers will be exposed to a variety of sales and promotional content at your discretion. And therein lies the problem: many people don’t want to be marketed to while they are social networking. This method may work best for well-established organizations, but if you’re just building your followers list and business, this one is best avoided.
  2. Indirect Marketing: Indirect marketing is the method most discussed in our Twitter articles for boosting web traffic and business, and that’s because it works the best. The basic idea here is to not only market your product or your website, but also to provide an interesting stream of content to be followed.
  3. Internal Messaging/Status: Only useful for larger companies, using Twitter as an internal – and free! – messaging service can work wonders if your firm has a use for it. This can be used to communicate network downtime, changes in policy, or even used to announce promotions. Internal messaging is one of the most flexible ways to use Twitter, and every company uses it in slightly different ways.
  4. Inbound Signalling: This type of Twitter use has nothing to do with marketing, or even communicating your product. Rather, the idea behind inbound signalling is to monitor what’s being said about your company, how often, and by whom. If you wish to use Twitter like this, you will need a variety of tools, but it can be an extraordinarily powerful way to tailor your message to your clients.

While there are many, many ways that your business can use Twitter for its benefit, it is likely that all of them fall into one of these four categories. Determining which is best for your website or company is up to your company, and experimentation is likely the best first step. Keep in mind, however, that you can always open multiple Twitter accounts – just don’t expect your followers to want to follow four different instances of the same business.

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