Generating Unique Content For Your Website

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If you enter in the search query “baking” into Google, you’re going to receive tens of millions of results, ranging from local bakeries to baking recipes to baking pictures. Alternatively, if you enter in the search query “ultra baking,” then you will cut this enormous number of results down to a relatively mere two million. While still a very large number of results, it’s significantly smaller.

What’s happening here is that the search for “baking” applies, in some context, to a great many websites, both because it’s a search term many people reach for and because many websites cater to baking in some capacity. However, when you add a term that isn’t exactly common usage, fewer people are both searching for it and actively designing websites around it. You can utilize this as a part of your Internet marketing strategy to make your website stand out from the crowd.

Unique Perspectives

By writing content along somewhat weird perspectives like ultra baking, you’re practically guaranteeing that you’ll generate more web traffic whenever people search for the term. Additionally, you’ll have more fun writing the content.

The more unlikely it is that anybody else has written about your topic or niche of choice from the perspective you choose, the better. While it can be difficult to figure out how to spin your topic in an interesting, meaningful, and unique way, the payoff in terms of traffic generation is enormous. Not only will you be more likely to show up in Google searches, but your weird content will make you much more likely to get linked by other prominent web administrators.

But Not Too Weird

Although you want to be slightly off-kilter to generate interest, you want to avoid taking this too far. If people see you as an ultra baking psychopath, then they aren’t going to want to visit your website. As with most things, moderation is key.

Generating unique content is largely a trial-and-error and time-intensive process. You can’t write the content for a compelling website overnight, and it will take many months before you really start seeing major growth. With that said, keep up with the work – in the end, you’ll be getting a ton of web traffic to your website.

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    Hi Devon !

    Quick question about article marketing. If one was to create an article and wish to post that article in ten different article submission sites. Does that article need to be rewriten ten times before submitting it or submitt the article as is. There were concerns about duplication and spamming.

    Tony !

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