The Truth About Sending Emails To Your List

The Truth About Sending Emails To Your List
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Let’s be real…

If you’ve been involved in email marketing/list-building for any period of time then you know that each and every year it gets harder and harder to get people to open your emails and click on the links inside.

Chances are, this “challenge” is just going to keep getting worse and worse as more and more people start building/emailing their lists.


How do you stay relevant (and get people to open & click your emails) when more and more people on your list are getting flooded with emails on a daily basis?



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So, there you have it.

If you want to get more people to open your emails and click on your links you can play the QUANTITY GAME or you can play the QUALITY GAME!

Both of them work, and the choice is yours as to which one you want to play.

The one thing you CAN’T do, is half-ass either one of them.

In this age of “too much” content fighting for our attention, you MUST play to win!

So, choose your strategy, and then go be awesome at it!

And as always…

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