Give Away Free Stuff & Watch Me Dance!

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Hey Everyone!

Time for another live answer to one of your questions!

Note: You can go here if you’d like to leave a question that you’d like for me to answer:

Today’s Question Comes from Nancy Houseman, and Nancy asks:

“Does giving away stuff earn a lot of money?”

The 1st video below is a video of me answering Nancy’s Question…

The 2nd video below is one of my doing some super sexy/awesome dance moves…

Start by watching video #1 FIRST…and then, when I tell you to (in video #1) you can go
watch video #2.



If you would like to purchase the book mentioned in the video: CLICK HERE


Hopefully you found today’s video informative/helpful 🙂

And hopefully you enjoyed my super sexy/fun dancing!

As Always…

1. PLEASE leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

2. PLEASE pass this on to any other home business entrepreneurs you know (facebook friends, twitter friends, etc) if you think it might help them.

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To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown


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  1. 4:34 pm on October 9, 2012

    Hey Devon, another great video with awesome tips. You are right about your dancing, you’re very good at it!

  2. This free content was great, thanks for all you give us. I really enjoyed the dancing, kinda jealous though… wish I could dance like that!

  3. Hi Devon,

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Yep the dance video did make me smile as did the main one.

    Again excellent advise, always give away as much as you can but make sure you get their contact details in the process.

    I do agree with most of what you said, but I’m not sure about the part were you say someone’s estimations of a marketer goes down a level when they are ask to buy something, surely that depends on what the paid product is.

    If purchasing that product leads to the subscriber becoming more successful then surely they will be thankful that you were the one to recommend they purchase it, (when I say successful it isn’t just your subscriber becoming wealthier as in the IM niche but also for other niches too such as learning to play a musical instrument faster in one of those niche for instance)

    As long as you always choose top quality paid products to recommend then your subscribers should still retain a high opinion of you, admittedly with affiliate marketing there will be the odd occasion when you recommend a dud that you had initially thought was of good quality (none of us are infallible so can all get hoodwinked at times) but in such an instance if you tell your subscribers that you were taken in too (as soon as you realize) then there shouldn’t be too much damage.

    As Devon said, don’t be scared to give away to your subscribers as much as you can afford to, but also don’t be scared to present the paid offers either, as long as each are supplying good value then your subscribers will thank you for both.

    Hope my ramblings helped


  4. 6:26 pm on October 9, 2012

    Beautiful moved. I like that.

  5. Devon,

    You are a trip bro…LOL

    Where did you learn how to dance like that. Maybe you should try out for one of those dance competitions, I think you missed your calling…LOL

    Great video!

    Jon McNeil

  6. Hey Devon, I was scrolling through your videos of past blog posts and I just noticed that you use the same hat, same glasses, and a white t-shirt in every one of your video blog posts…

    Is this intentional or do you just have an obsession with a certain look? lol I want to know if your being consistent with your presence with all your videos for a reason or not??

  7. 1:11 am on October 11, 2012

    Thanks Devon for the straight to the point advise. I for one appreciated it. The one comment you made regarding receiving offer, after offer, after offer, hit it right on the head for me. I have at one point started unsubscribing and deleting any email from certain guru marketers after I originally purchased their product. It becomes annoying after a while when you receive follow up responders from someone you purchased a product from when you expect to receive maybe their tips or IM advise or possibly have them share their wisdom with you to assist in your marketing effort but to your disappointment you become inundated with not only their offers but offers from their joint ventures partners and you have just arrived in the land of email information overload. If there was an opportunity, product or service you could have benefitted from, it’s likely that it would end up in the spam or trash folder among the many other one time only limited time scarcity offers. When come across a informative building a foundation email as yours and then a little time passes. I for one am checking with an attitude of anticipation for your next email arrival. As oppose to an attitude of ‘Oh boy, what is latest and the greatest marketing secret you’re running out of time get your credit card out NOW crap they are trying to sell now?’ Okay, let’s fix this ‘Delete..Mark As Spam’

  8. 2:16 pm on October 12, 2012

    hi Devon
    A while back you had a offer of 100.00 in free training, if you add up all of the value in your videos
    it is over that amount and more. I for one look at this in a way that adds to my success so I THANK
    You for that

  9. 10:54 am on October 13, 2012

    Hey Devon,

    Great video as always and I do LOVE YOUR DANCE MOVES!!!

    I have learnt the importance of our list and lately the super important of nurturing and really building a solid relationship with those on it.

    I understand the need to give them free quality content but my burning quesiton is “What’s the best way to do that?”. Where should we research this info, what should we give them and how often? I know that your team uploaded the autoresponder with messages which do a bit of this but how and what practical steps do we take to do this?

    Hope you can share this with us in a future video or email etc.

    Keep safe Devon and don’t stop dancing!!!

    – Rod

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